Museo Ferrari Gets a New Wing

Originally opened in 1990, Museo Ferrari is the only official Ferrari Museum managed by the company itself. Over 250,000 people visit this museum every year and now the museum boasts of a new wing as well


Ferrari 250 GTO



Initially the Museo Ferrari started out as a 1500 square meter property and was later extended up to 2500 square meters in 2004. As of May 2013, with the opening of the new wing, the museum now measures 3500 square meters and houses around 46 cars from the Ferrari family including concepts, Formula 1, GT heritage models, classics and of course the latest offering from the brand.


If you happen to be in awe of the most powerful brand in the world, then a visit to the museum is a must. After all you almost feel as though you are standing on holy ground. Currently the museum has a special display dedicated to the company’s Supercar heritage which includes the likes of some iconic racing cars, GTs as well as quintessential super cars. For any Ferrari fan, this exhibit is equivalent to meeting your favourite film stars for as you make your way through the exhibits you get to feast your eyes upon some of the most iconic cars in motoring history. The exhibit includes the 1951 Ferrari 166 F2 monoposto V12, the 1951 Ferrari 500 F2 monoposto, the 1962 Ferrari 250GTo V12, the 1962 Ferrari 250 Berlinetta Competizione “The Breadvan” V12, the 1963 Ferrari 250 Le Mans V12, the 1969 Dino 246 GT V6, the 1981 Ferrari F1 126CK V6 Turbo piloted by none other than Gilles Villeneuve, the 1987 F40 V8 Turbo, the 1995 F50 V12 and just about every iconic Ferrari you can remember!  



Ferrari Formula One cars



If that isn’t enough, you can enter the ‘Hall of Victories’ where eight Formula 1 Ferrari cars are arranged in a semi circle facing a wall covered in trophies garnered in the epitome of motorsport racing; 31 Formula 1 titles to be exact (16 Constructors’ World Titles and 15 Drivers’ World Titles)! To further your F1 aspirations the museum also has two simulators to test your skills behind the wheel of the latest Ferrari F1 car.



Enzo Ferrari



To pay homage to the man himself, the museum also houses the exact replica of Enzo Ferrari’s office. Such is the nature of this museum that it is almost ‘shrine-like’ in its appeal and aura. You can almost feel the energy that goes behind this brand within these walls and sure enough, Ferrari does share a relevant amount of ‘behind the scenes’ action through the display of some of their concept vehicles, including an elaborate display of the concepts and stages of development of their latest offering, the LaFerrari.


Originally going by the name Ferrari F150, the museum showcases different elements of the developmental stages of what we now know as the LaFerrari, a masterpiece of engineering, form, function, performance and technology. On display is the 2010 Ferrari Multiposto F150 M8 Hy-Kers V12 as well as the 2010 Ferrari 599 Hy-Kers V12. While these were test beds for the Hy-Kers system that eventually debuted in the LaFerrari, it gives you an insight as to when the company actually got working on the hybrid system. In terms of design the exhibition had on display the 2011 Ferrari F 150 Modello di stiles known as the “Manta” as well as the “Tensostruttura”. The LaFerrari is a design evolution based upon these two concepts and unlike the customary norm where the final model is usually a little toned down as compared to the concepts, with the LaFerrari the story is entirely the opposite!



Ferrari LaFerrari



Located in the heartland of Ferrari, the Museo Ferrari is the Mecca for those who are infatuated by the prancing horse brand. You just can’t get enough of Ferrari, but if you want to soak in a whole lot of Ferrari history and bathe in the aura of a very special brand a visit to the museum is definitely worth adding to your bucket list regardless of whether you are a motorsport fan, classic car expert or just a regular bloke bitten real hard by the color red!


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