Mercedes-Benz AMG Performance Drive on the Buddh F1 Circuit

Some of the most delectable sportscars from the three-pointed star are here in India, but can you unlock their true potential? The AMG Driving Academy shows you how!

Mercedes Benz AMG Performance Drive
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG V8 naturally aspirated

Mercedes-AMG is known for its reliably fast, solid built sports cars that sound fantastic and are super fast on straights. Since the prices of these cars are not exactly affordable, the nation is still waking up to the true potential of these machines.

A super sport car such as an AMG, is very different from our everyday road going cars. They can not be taken lightly for even a second as they are capable of touching and maintaining speeds hovering around 300 km/h, and get there in less than 20 seconds. The point here is not everyone is accustomed to a hyper sport car, and to spread the joy and create awareness at the same time, Mercedes-AMG has launched a program that will help people understand them better, because when the cars’ response is on hyper alert, the same applies for their drivers.

Mercedes Benz AMG Performance Drive
Fleet ready to be lead by Flag ship SLS AMG

Now, what better place to learn what a sports car can do than on a race track? So much space and fantastic road quality with optimal tarmac to tyre grip, the cars complete potential can be utilised here. The Buddh International Circuit is a veritable Master Piece, and this proves to be the perfect training ground for these cars.

Mercedes-AMG invited Team ZigWheels to the Buddh International race track to introduce their internationally triumphant doctrine, the AMG Driving Academy. We got our hands on the C63 AMG on the track, it is fast, comfortable and sounds beautifully gruff. On the Famous straight that the Buddh is known for, the naturally aspirated V8 C63 was doing a cool 260 km/h effortlessly. Hard on the brakes - enter the corner at 170 km/h, shooting out the apex with full thrust doing 230 km/h. Even though the car is hyper fast, it has this cool air about itself that does not panic you at any given time, it actually calms you down. We like the change.

Mercedes Benz AMG Performance Drive

If applied for, Mercedes-AMG will allow a person to drive AMG cars on the Buddh International circuit for eight specific days in a year, with the cars provided to customers along with training under the super vision of world renowned names such as Reinhold Renger, Norman Simon, and Bernd Maylaender, who is currently the Formula 1 safety car driver internationally.

All this comes at a price, of course. Rs 75,000 will be the fee for a year and 50,000 INR for a person who owns a Mercedes-Benz car be it a C-class or a G55 AMG. The Driving academy offers the Basic Training section for starters in India. The goal is to be able to skillfully control a high-performance vehicle, particularly at high speeds. Mastering such vehicles increases safety - and the fun factor of course. The deal is a fabulous one if one wants to understand the nitty gritties of driving and high speed reality; it’s a thrill that needs to be experienced, nothing like ever before. And this is an absolute must if you are a hard core enthusiast.

For more information on the course you can log on to http://www.mercedes-amg.com/driving-academy/

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