Indian Motorcycles unveils 2015 Roadmaster

It's a fully loaded luxury tourer with features like ABS, heated seats, cruise control, keyless ignition and many more


2015 Indian Roadmaster


American motorcycle company Indian has unveiled a new luxury tourer named Roadmaster. The 2015 Roadmaster will make its public debut at the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


The Roadmaster again draws on the firm’s heritage – the original Roadmaster was in production from 1947-53 and the company hopes to revive the popularity of that motorcycle with the 2015 model.


And this one is a fully loaded motorcycle, with top of the line features that makes it stand out in the luxury touring segment. On offer are plush, genuine leather seats, adjustable floorboards for passenger legroom comfort, a push-button adjustable windshield, keyless ignition and weatherproof luggage carrying capacity of 143 litres, with remote locking for all three bags.


Powering the Roadmaster is a 49-degree 1811cc v-twin mated to a six-speed overdrive gearbox. The Thunder Stroke III engine produces 138.9Nm of torque and is the same engine which powers the Chieftain.


And there are still more premium features which come as standard equipment on the Roadmaster – ABS, electronic cruise control, heated grips and seats, tyre pressure monitoring system, triple power ports, Pathfinder LED lighting, infotainment system offering communication, navigation and telephone as well as Bluetooth connectivity.


The Roadmaster will be available at $26,999 – that is roughly over Rs 16 lakh. If the Roadmaster is brought to India, expect a hefty add-on to that sticker price in terms of import taxes and customs.  That will make it cost between Rs 32-35 lakh.

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