Honda Uni-Cub: The next level of personal mobility

Honda's new personal mobility device lets you scoot about indoor spaces at the shift of your bum

Honda Uni-Cub

If standing on a Segway sounds too low for your comfort, then Honda’s new Uni-Cub offers the ultimate in lazy personal mobility solutions. The device looks like a bar stool on wheels and unlike the Segway, it comes with a comfortable saddle and no handlebars. Direction and speed are instead controlled by shifting your weight on the saddle. And if even that feels like way too much effort, then the Uni-Cub can be controlled by pairing it to a smartphone app.    

An evolution of the Honda U3X, which was showcased in 2009, the Uni-Cub comes with a two-wheel configuration. The front wheel features Honda Omni Traction Drive System while the rear wheels move laterally to facilitate turning. So how does the Uni-Cub maintain balance and prevent you from tipping over? Honda says that it’s based on the same technology that keeps their ASIMO robots upright. It’s designed mostly for indoor-use, consumes about the same width as a person when walking and has a ride height that puts the user at face level with pedestrians. 

Honda Uni-Cub

The Uni-Cub runs on internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can take you 6km on a single charge and no faster than 6kph, which is the average walking pace. The device is still some time away from entering production and Honda said it will conduct feasibility tests of the Uni-Cub at a Japan research museum sometime this month to explore possible practical applications for the vehicle. We are sure Honda will find its market; there are plenty of fat, burger-munching, mall-trotting slobs waiting in anticipation!

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