Ford’s Radical GT Mk II Is A Perfect Mix Of Racecar And Supercar

It would be the perfect swan song for the ageing race-spec Ford GT


  • Potentially quicker than a LeMans-spec GT on a high downforce racetrack.
  • Gets new dual-element rear wing, larger front splitter, louvered fenders and more.
  • Twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 now packs over 700PS of power which makes it the most powerful GT.
  • Only 45 units of the supercar will be produced and will cost 1.2 million dollars (Rs 8.21 crore).

The Ford GT racecar’s competitive career may be coming to an end after completing its final LeMans race with the factory team in June. But Ford and its racing partner Multimatic aren’t just willing to bow out without a memorable swan song. Enter the radical Ford GT Mk II, unveiled at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed. It is a track-spec no-holds-barred work of art for enthusiasts that plan to decimate the competition on a local trackday. 

Multimatic claims that the Ford GT Mk II will be as quick as any GTE-spec car but not quite as quick as a GTE-spec Ford GT at a low downforce track like LeMans. Multimatic also claims that the GT Mark II could compete against the LeMans-spec GT on a high downforce racetrack. The Ford GT Mark II achieves such feats with a plethora of performance-oriented revisions.  

Starting with the exterior, Ford and Multimatic have done extensive revisions to the bodywork to generate downforce. These revisions include new dual-element rear wing, a larger front splitter, louvered fenders, new dive planes and a more prominent rear diffuser. Despite its front fascia resembling the road car, it has been altered to generate some downforce as well. The ride height remains the same as the GTE car, but the underbody is lower. All of this results in a whopping 400 pound increase in downforce over the racecar which could theoretically enable the Mark II to run upside down. Although that’s not something anyone would want to test out.

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Other changes include a 90kg weight reduction, race-spec Michelin Pilot Sport GT tyres, race-spec shocks and replacing the FIA-mandated steel brake rotors with a full set of carbon-ceramic brakes. All these changes make the GT Mk II not a car for the faint hearted with cornering forces of upto 2.0 Gs. 

The GT Mark II’s twin-turbocharged, 3.5-litre V6 now packs over 700PS of power. That makes it around 54PS more powerful than the road-spec GT and a whopping 200PS more than the restricted Le Mans racer. This also makes the GT Mark II the most powerful GT available. Along with this power boost, the GT Mark II gets larger air coolers, large roof-scoop and a water-spray system for better thermal management.

Only 45 units of the supercar will be produced and will come at a price tag of 1.2 million dollars ( Rs 8.21 crore). The Ford GT Mark II may also compete at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed timed shootout in the supercar category and on paper, it certainly looks in good shape to win it.

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