Ford Mach-E SUV: Here's Everything You Wish To Know About This Mustang-inspired EV Even Before Its Reveal

The leaked information surprisingly also reveals the all-electric SUV’s starting price of USD 43,895 (Rs 31 lakh, excluding taxes)

  • The Mach-E will be available in five versions: Select, California Route 1, Premium, First Edition and GT.
  • The mustang-inspired SUV can do a maximum of 482km in one full charge.
  • The all-electric SUV is no slouch with 100kmph coming up in under 4 seconds for the GT variant.
  • Deliveries are expected to begin from late-2020.

The controversial yet intriguing Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV from Ford is set to be unveiled on November 17. Contrary to speculations and without batting an eyelid, Ford decided to go forward with the Mach-E nameplate for the SUV. A reader in MachE forum discovered that the new SUV’s web page went live revealing almost everything we need to know -- clear pictures, price, specifications, variants, performance data and what not. Someone’s getting fired at Ford today.

From the leaked web pages, we know the SUV will be available in five versions: Select, California Route 1, Premium, First Edition and GT. The Select is the entry-level variant, which comes with 370km of driving range. Other highlights include a mid 5 second 0-100kmph time with the choice of RWD/AWD, 255PS/581Nm output figures and an affordable price tag of USD 43,895 (Rs 31 lakh).

Next up is the Premium version, which according to the web page lives up to its name with premium features and luxurious interiors. But the range is now up to an impressive 482km in comparison to the Select. It also gets the same targeted acceleration figures as the Select although the targeted power and torque figures stand at 333PS and 581Nm. Prices start at USD 50,600 (Rs 36 lakh) for the Premium version.

The California Route 1 is the RWD-only version, which focuses more on the maximum driving range (482km). 0-100 kmph is targeted to be completed in mid 6 seconds thanks to 282PS and 414Nm of torque. Although a RWD version with lower output figures, it is more expensive than the Premium version at USD 52,000 (Rs 37 lakh). 

The last two variants are the First Edition and the GT. As the name suggests, the GT will sit at the apex of Mach-E’s lineup although details are scarce right now. It is claimed to do the 100kmph sprint in mid 3 seconds using an AWD layout. The First Edition is a limited variant available in three exclusive shades. It also gets a maximum range of 434km while the output figures are rated at 333PS and 581Nm of twist. The First Edition will come with a sticker price tag of USD 59,900 (Rs 42 lakh) while the GT is expected to carry an even steeper price tag exceeding the USD 60,000 mark (Rs 43 lakh). The web page also revealed the Mach-E is capable of doing 41mi (65km) with 10 minutes of charging.

The Mach-E’s cabin was also leaked revealing  a minimalistic design with a massive Tesla-like display being the main standout. The instrument cluster is also a fully digital unit. On the exterior front, the Mache-E stays true to its revered nameplate and looks more or less like a Mustang on steroids. Ford will be unveiling the Mach-E soon so stay tuned to Zigwheels for more updates on the all-electric SUV from Blue Oval. Meanwhile, the American giant is expected to begin deliveries of the Mach-E from late-2020.

Source: MachE forum

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