Ipower Batteries Launches Rugpro, India’s First LMFP 2-wheeler Battery

  • May 5, 2023
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The battery allows for both quick charging, and is also compliant with the latest AIS 156 (Amendment III) Phase 2 battery safety norms

Ipower Batteries has launched the Rugpro series LMFP (Lithium Magnesium Iron Phosphate) batteries for two-wheelers, a first for the Indian electric two-wheeler Industry. These batteries are among the first to comply with the AIS 156 (Amendment III) Phase 2 standard, under the Government’s Faster Adoption and Manufacturing Of Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme. Ipower claims the Rugpro battery has been created after extensive testing, and hence is offering them in eight variants, suited to different usage conditions. 

What Makes Them Special?

Courtesy of their LMFP chemistry, the Rugpro batteries offer a longer charge and higher energy density than conventional two-wheeler batteries. The cells used are 2C rated, allowing them to both build up and, when required, even discharge high amounts of power quickly. To that end, the batteries get a thermal management system with an incorporated valve to disseminate pressure from building up within the battery. Additionally, the batteries also get an active balancing BMS to monitor battery behaviour. 

As a result, they will not only offer a quicker charge and (theoretically) longer range, but will also be hardy and more reliable in a wider usage condition.

When Will We See Them?

Soon enough; the batteries in question are rated between 2kWh and 4kWh, and Ipower says it will be delivering the first batch of 5,000 battery packs by May 2023 to OEMs like Deltic, Jitendra EV, Lohia, Quantum, Gravton, and Sheema Electric. Moreover, the different aforementioned variants mean that this number is only set to grow with the passing days. 

And finally, the concept of a completely made-in-india battery will go a long way in bringing down the prices of e-scooters, a Godsent considering the rising costs of petrol as well as petrol two-wheelers. 

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