Hyosung Hy Ryders get revving

As part of a brand-building exercise and to encourage biker bonding, DSK Motowheels organised a special Hy Ryders Ride meet for Hyosung owners at Khopoli in the outskirts of Mumbai. We bring you the detailed report

The event being flagged off from Pune



Riding along the spread out NH4 highway connecting the bustling city of Mumbai to the laidback Pune town is always a great way to unwind from the daily desk routine. So when the opportunity to ride the recently launched Hyosung GT250R on the NH4 came my way, I jumped and seized it before my colleagues Varad or Ravi could react. Well usually I am the slow one, but on such occasions, it’s smart to be a bit quicker as I see it.


So the idea was to bring Hyosung owners from Mumbai and Pune together at the midway point of Khopoli giving the bikers a chance to meet and share their biking stories on a lovely wintery Sunday at a forest setting location.



The ride being flagged off from Mumbai



The ride consisted of two groups; one from Mumbai and the other from Pune and the venue for the event was Nature Trail resort in Khopoli. The starting point for the Mumbai group was RBI colony in Chembur and the riders were asked to reach the venue by 7am.


Around 40 enthusiastic riders on various bikes from the Hyosung line-up like the GT-650R, 250R and ST7 had gathered at the venue, where they were briefed about the rules and regulations as well as the route map to be followed. The ride was flagged off at 8am from Mumbai, with a car escorting the group to maintain the speed limit of 80km/h.


Riders taking a break



All the riders were asked to form a group of two riders each and follow the escort vehicle to maintain discipline and safety on the highway. A pit stop was scheduled ahead of Panvel for snacks, which many riders weren’t too keen on since they just wanted to keep on riding their Korean steeds but they had to surrender against the demand of their tummies!



Riders on their way to the venue



I myself was relishing the ride on the GT 250R as the dynamics of the bike suited my riding style and was able to attack the twisties before the resort with ease and I was pleased with its handling and stability at high speeds. It was great to see the participants follow all the rules explained to them and after completing an enjoyable ride we all reached the venue by around 10:30am.



Bikes lined-up at the venue



At the resort riders from both Mumbai and Pune interacted among themselves and it was good to see an encouraging turnout of around 35 bikers from Pune. Participants were served breakfast and had a briefing session with the DSK Motowheels officials after which they were asked to participate in adventure sports. 

Participant enjoying the wall climb event



The first sport was wall climbing which every member enjoyed to the fullest, with some riders making it to the top easily while for others it was a tough task to go against the law of gravity. After the fun-filled first event, the second event lined up for the riders was Flying Fox, and was enjoyed to the core by everyone.



Winners, Pune team with the DSK officials



To add more spice to the event a running race between group Mumbai and Pune was held, for which six participants were selected based on their timing for the wall-climbing event. The race was won by the Pune team but it was encouraging to see the Mumbai lads applauding the winners from the rival city, which displayed the camaraderie between the riders.



Group photo of the particpants



Once the prize distribution ceremony was over, lunch was served and a group photo session of all the riders was done. After a small briefing, the riders geared up to return back to their respective cities. Overall it was a well organised event and all the participants enjoyed it to the fullest and appreciated DSK Motowheels effort to arrange the ride and expected many such rides to be held in the near future. Hopefully, we shall soon see the Hy Ryders in Bangalore getting a similar ride planned for them.


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