7 Christmas gifts for a Car enthusiasts

We list down the different kinds of gifts that you can give to your car enthusiast loved ones


Car scale model


Scale Models: This is probably the best thing to give any car enthusiast. Right from vintage cars to supercars, there is something for everyone. Scale models of motorcycles are available too. You can either buy a large 1:18 size model or even small 1:64 scale ones. In fact, no matter what your budget is, you can easily find one that fits in it. In 1:64 you can buy the easily available HotWheels models, or stretch your budget a bit to get a more detailed and better quality models. And if you're willing to spend around Rs 4,000-6,000 you can pick a model of Kyosho, AutoArt or MiniChamps, something that a car enthusiast is sure to fall in love with. 


Watches: For most guys, watches are probably the only accessory that they can have a fetish for. And for a car enthusiast, getting a watch from one of his favourite sportscar brands is like a dream come true. For all motorsport enthusiasts there is the Red Bull Casio Edifice range that you can purchase, Tissot makes MotoGP limited edition watches, or even the Titan Ducati branded watches. Now these might be slightly steep, but you can be rest assured that it will be appreciated to no end.


VR 46 Oakley glares


Glares: Keeping in mind that sun films have been banned in India, smart looking glares are gradually becoming a must have especially for those who drive for long hours throughout the day. Fashion repeats itself and the biggest example to justify the statement is Ray Ban Aviators, probably one of the better things to gift to a car aficionado. If you want something sporty and youthful then you can’t go wrong with Oakleys.


Pullovers: Winter is coming and pullovers are one of the best things to gift a car enthusiast. Puma makes hoodies for Ferrari and BMW. Aside from that, you can purchase jackets of any of the big brands online from their brand store. For those living in cities like Mumbai, where it doesn't really get cold, you can even look at car branded shirts or t-shirts. 

Ferrari Perfume

Perfumes: All the premium car manufacturers have their own range of fragrances. Gift your loved ones one of the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche perfumes whichever car maker he fathoms the most. 


Driving shoes: While there is common belief that shoes aren’t really the best gifts to give, they also say the shoes you wear reflect your personality. A smart pair of driving shoes might just be the best gift to give a driving enthusiast, especially keeping in mind that he/she spends a majority of time behind the wheel. 


Car care kit: For any car enthusiast, a gift for his/her car is the best thing they can probably get. This Christmas, give wax polish, dashboard polish, pressure wash pumps or micro fibre cloth to help them take better care of their vehicles.