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  • Q. Which one is best, petrol or diesel for 1000 km per month - City?
    Madhusudhanababu | 7 months ago

    Yes it is petrol car for less than 100 km a day because it's cheaper than a diesel engine car in cost and it's maintenance is also cheaper than diesel car. Moreover, it's comfort is also better than a diesel car. So petrol car is best for 1000 km per month.

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  • Q. I have booked Honda City diesel. But many of them suggesting to move petrol. I want advise. I drive more distance per week approx 200-300kms.
    Nabil | 1 month ago

    Hi I'm a Honda city petrol user . Honda is famous and best in producing one of the best petrol engines in the world. if ur looking for diesal then best option for u is Toyota coz they have best diesal engines.my advice is Don't go for hondaz diesal engines coz I have test driven it ,Honda petrol engine is very smooth powerful.I'm using 2001 model Honda city petrol which is still running smooth nd gives great milage low cost maintaince also it's so smooth nd comfortable to drive. it's been 18 yers nd if Honda gave me an engine which is so good 18 yers back I wonder how advance nd perfect would the new Honda city would be.also I'm a great fan of Honda only for it's incredible petrol engines.also I test drove both Honda city petrol and desialI didn't like the diesal engine of Honda.but the new petrol engine has no words it's out of the world man.I'm also a fan of Toyotas diesal enginesgo for Toyota if ur looking for diesalcoz Toyota has the best diesal engine with low cost maintaince and one of my friend who owns an airport taxi old etios sedan 460000/-km run still in very good condition nd engine is smooth as new.

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  • Q. I am confused with city petrol or diesel. As well S, V or vx which variant, Kindly suggest.
    Rajan | 11 months ago

    Dont go with city S .....its a poor man sedan car with wheels and engine only no other feature....price difference between S and SV model is 80000 and between SV and V is 30000 ....if u can come upto SV model then just spend 30000 more and go for V model as by spending 30000 extra u get features worth rs 80000

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  • Q. Is Honda City diesel is beneficial compared to Petrol
    Naseem | 10 months ago

    I don't think so as petrol version has a better pick-up compared to diesel n zero smoke emission, besides low in price n least in engine sound.

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  • Q. I am confused, which car to buy, petrol or diesel? Which is good in resale, low maintenance and average also?
    Jashan | 7 months ago

    Depends on your running, as the difference between both the fuel as decreased to single digit now, it means more running to recover the premium paid initially. and in case in city like Delhi, where diesel engine life is shortened to 10years it means low on resale or for good resale you have to look out of the city.Rest diesel is more fuel efficient but at the same time cost little more than petrol maintenance.

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  • Q. How is the Honda City petrol automatic?
    Himanshu | 10 months ago

    Awesome car only downside according to some is the rubber band effect of CVTActually it's quite frankly the best Automatic petrol sedan at the price point

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  • Q. Which is the best variant of petrol version in Honda city at lower budget?
    Rajan | 10 months ago

    City VMT is best and u will get all features touchscreen, 8 speakers; alloy, backcamera, touchscreen AC , pushbutton start; defogger; 3D speedometer panel; all powereindow ; chrome handle; keyless entry.....base variant is poor man sedan car.....after spending 80000 more you comes to second variant SV where you Will not get any of above feature except power window and manual music system .....now if u spend 30000 more u GET all abovementioned features..... so I suggest city petrol VMT variant

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  • Q. In India 2020, I have heard that diesel car will be discontinued. Is it true - City?
    Jashan | 7 months ago

    Only by Maruti Suzuki rest all companies have been working on to upgrade it to BSVI.Even for Maruti Suzuki, they say market will tell, so incase everyone else does it and market accept the premium of diesel after upgrading and reducing difference between petrol and diesel fuel price then even they might get it back.they have developed new 1.5 litre diesel engine which can be upgraded.

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  • Q. My usage is 1300 km average per month, I prefer diesel Honda City than petrol one. What is the future of Diesel variants in the next five years, what is your opinion? Shall I go for Petrol instead of Diesel? Your expert opinion solicited.
    Harsh | 8 months ago

    Next decade onwards is the era of electric cars considering depreciating fossil fuels resources. But petrol version will not vanish in a go, whereas same is not true for the diesel cars. I suppose that petrol and electric cars will go alongside. And diesel engines will decline.

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  • Q. Every day I don’t go long drive but every month I’ll go one long trip which car is better for me petrol or diesel - City?
    Jashan | 2 months ago

    Depends more on your daily commute as your long distance travel is not much, decide on that, rest nov 2019 is the time for new city unveiling, better wait for that now as current model is outdated.

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    Honda City Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Honda City available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Honda City is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the petrol variants of Honda City?
    Honda City is available in 7 Petrol variants, out of which 3 are automatic and 4 are manual. The base Petrol variant City SV MT starts at Rs. 9.91 lakh. and the top-end Petrol variant City ZX CVT is priced at Rs. 14.31 lakh.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Honda City?
    Honda City is available in 3 Automatic variants, out of which all are petrol. The base Automatic variant City V CVT starts at Rs. 12.01 lakh and the top-end Automatic variant City ZX CVT is priced at Rs. 14.31 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Honda City?
    Honda City is available in 8 Manual variants, out of which 4 are diesel and 4 are petrol. The base Manual variant City SV MT starts at Rs. 9.91 lakh. and the top-end Manual variant City i-DTEC ZX is priced at Rs. 14.21 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Honda City?
    A. Honda City is available in 11 variants:
    SV MT : Rs. 9.91 lakh
    V MT : Rs. 10.66 lakh
    i-DTEC SV : Rs. 11.11 lakh
    VX MT : Rs. 11.82 lakh
    i-DTEC V : Rs. 11.91 lakh
    V CVT : Rs. 12.01 lakh
    ZX MT : Rs. 13.01 lakh
    i-DTEC VX : Rs. 13.02 lakh
    VX CVT : Rs. 13.12 lakh
    i-DTEC ZX : Rs. 14.21 lakh
    ZX CVT : Rs. 14.31 lakh
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