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  • Q. I have purchased Hyundai i20 just 15 days back, my car instrument cluster shows variable mileage of vehicles, some time 12, some time 80 km per litre.Is it sensor problem or any other? Please suggest.

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    Preetham | 9 months ago

    When the reading are reset the zero, the numbers go haywire and to extremes because the instantaneous value of mileage depends on what gear you are and on what speed. For example, driving at 30 speed on gear one, will show you mileage of 4 or 5 and then while driving down the hill at 6th gear without pressing the accelerator will give you around 80 or 90 :). So this is instantaneous readings. But once your car has covered enough distance, the readings start falling back to average. Give it some time to calculate the average. You can trust the readings of the mileage only after you have touched more than 100 kms or more. Till then you may see a lot of variations.

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    SRY | 9 months ago

    Please see it again its 80 KMPH not 80Kmpl its depend on your driving both mileage and speed both depend on your driving skill how you treat your car if you drive politely then you got better mileage

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    Harsha | 9 months ago

    Na... It happens on my bike too... The instant mileage is sometime shown... Just reset the mileage and add a new trip... Will b fine

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    Nishant | 9 months ago

    It is not the sensor problem, I too feel the same, and agency person told me about it which I forget. Please ask at your agency

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    RJ | 9 months ago

    Its may be your sensor or instrumental problem better get a checkup or wait for 1st service from ur dealer.

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    Vinay | 9 months ago

    Please it should now show 80 km per ltr. seems to some problem, better to check with showroom people....

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    RAJENDRA | 9 months ago

    Please get it checked at Hyundai's authorized service centre.

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    Mandeep | 9 months ago

    Check it with Hyundai service station. Maybe some error.

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    Monika | 9 months ago

    Test ans

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