• Q. Which one should i buy FZ 25 or Thunderbird 350X or MT 15 considering price point,mileage and long term use?

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    Iman | 6 months ago

    If you need dual channel abs+ little bit more power+ pillion comfort then fz25 or if these things doesn't bother you much then of course mt15 is an overall better package .Do not go for Bajaj bikes as they are known for very less reliability and sudden problems on road (even with proper maintenance)

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    Soumya | 8 months ago

    I would suggest fz25 due to it's price and features with maintenance charges and after sale service, thunderbird is a high maintenance bike but it is of different segment.

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    Kunal | 6 months ago

    Go for FZ 25 , it is very comfortable but if you need better mileage then go for MT 15 , MT15 is also a very good bike and its VVA feature is awesome

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    Mayank | 5 months ago

    For Long term use go for RE thunderbird 350x or FZ25 go and take a test ride of both the bikes because both are very good machines.

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    BIKER | 3 days ago

    Go for thunderbird 350x

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    Kishor | 3 weeks ago

    Go for fz25

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    Shrey | 7 months ago

    Buy Mt-15 it's good on price point, mileage & long term use

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    Azadul | 8 months ago

    Buy a good bike ride in city and road very comproteble fz25

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    Sujit | 6 months ago

    I don't prefer MT 15, u can go for FZ25 or 350x..

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    Anshul | 8 months ago

    Thunderbird 350x for long term use

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