• Q. I am confused between Honda cbr 250r and pulsar rs 200. Which one of them is the better overall package

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    Udayaditya | 1 month ago

    Anyday I'd choose Honda 250r.the engine refinement, Nissin brakes with dual channel ABS, consistent fuel economy, fit and finish, minimum vibrations, better heat dissipation and overall ride comfort is way ahead than RS.Although it might cost a bit more, but I feel it's a Value for Money (VFM) motorcycle.

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    Debasish | 11 months ago

    For your hight both you should feel comfortable in both the bike. Both of them are good sport tourer.But with respect to power, engine quality, seating comforts and reliability cbr is way ahed of rs 200.With respect to looks(may depends on your test), initial pick up, rs is a little better than cbr.It is also cheaper that cbr. I bought cbr after using pulsar 220 five years.I personally suggest you to go for cbr. As the quality of honda is too good with respect to bajaj.

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    Nipul | 11 months ago

    Hello....the choice depends from person to person however if u r such a person who likes to feel the power of the vehicle along with the looks go for 250. But if it's just for the looks sake u can opt for 200. Moreover the colours provided are completely different where 250 has more of plain colours, the chr 200 has multi coloured or a completely different colours available. But i would suggest to go for CBR250, It feels super powerful.

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    Kevin | 11 months ago

    Hi Arpan,You are my kinda guy. I' m 6.3. Have been using CBR 250 for past 6 months on daily basis and never ever got any back or wrist pain. With the CBR design look it may seem like they are not that much good for tall guys, but actually it is doing well above the expectations. I usually cover 40+ kms a day (20 up and down to my office) and this suits me well :)Hope this helps.

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    Slow | 9 months ago

    CBR 250 mileage in city around 23 kmplRS 200 mileage in city around 30 kmplMaintenance cost is too high i.e. not worth the money they takeCBR 250 is out dated nowThough it is a better performance bike than RS 200 or KTM RC 200.You should go for A 200cc bike or 400 cc bikeAt the cost of CBR 250 you can get a lot more.

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    Pradhune | 3 months ago

    CBR250 is more powerful than the RS200 but if you care about the cost of spare parts the pulsar's is very affordable compared to the Honda

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    Mayank | 11 months ago

    Both are good overall package... It's just CBR is something Honda has stopped all over the world and they r selling in India... RS is value for money in that cost...

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    Ronak | 11 months ago

    Over all package if u have no issue of budget then go for cbr250r no single issue but for rs200 after 6 months of use i will vibrate from fairing

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    DEBRAJ | 11 months ago

    Go for cbr 250. Powerful and comfortable for long ride with a pillion. But as always you should take a test ride of both the bikes first.

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    Rishi | 9 months ago

    If U Want Good Handling Then Go For R15 If You Are Looking For Performance And Travel Without Any Back Pain Then Go For RS 200

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