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Mahindra Bolero Camper
Mahindra Bolero Camper
Rs. 10.25 Lakh
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Mahindra Bolero Camper User Reviews

Based on 53 reviews & 16 rating
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    The mileage of 2wd bolero camper is about 13 to 17 as dependable on driving style or road conditions.Seating space is so good.Its pickup is above average in their segment.Maintenence cost is too effective.Driving experience is really nice, It feels like a heavy suv.This car also do off- roading very well.Over all this car is a different fan base and i really love that car.

  • Veri comfort

    Mileage 14 pickup 55to80-90 and veri comfort i like it mahindra bolero no have comment

  • I have 2 year experience

    I have 2 year experience with bolero gold zx camper.! it is very good and strong car you cam use it for your business or any work it rusn even on rough roads.

  • Good colaty

    Very good draving experience and good colaty and bolero campar is my best chycec

  • 5.0
    Farmers ki fest cois bolero

    Farmers ki fest cois bolero camper the is loding vahicle and family ke liye best

  • Very good nice bro good night

    Very good nice bro good night ji ok bhai ji kya haal hai aapke

  • Bolero final

    I want new bolero champer final on road price 4wd how much

  • Good 👍 Tarachand Ramsinghpura

    Good 👍 tarachand ramsinghpura, Disit sikar rajasthan

  • The Mahindra Bolero Camper

    The mahindra bolero camper is a popular pickup truck known for its ruggedness and versatility.Let's discuss the driving experience and comfort level, As well as the best and worst aspects of the vehicle, Its overall performance, Mileage, Pickup, Build quality, Vibrations, And features.Additionally, We'll touch on the after-sales service provided by mahindra.Driving experience and comfort level:the bolero camper offers a decent driving experience with its powerful engine and sturdy suspension.It performs well on both city roads and off-road terrains, Making it suitable for various purposes.The seating position is comfortable, Providing good visibility and adequate legroom for the driver and passengers.The seats are cushioned well, Although they might lack some lumbar support during long drives.The cabin is relatively spacious and can accommodate up to five people comfortably.Best things:1.Ruggedness: the bolero camper is built to withstand rough terrains and tough usage, Making it a reliable workhorse.2.Versatility: it can be used for multiple purposes, Such as transporting goods or as a recreational vehicle for camping trips.3.Affordability: the bolero camper is competitively priced, Offering value for money in its segment.4.Ground clearance: with ample ground clearance, It can navigate through uneven surfaces and obstacles without much trouble.Worst things:1.Outdated design: the bolero camper's design hasn't seen significant updates over the years, And it might feel outdated compared to newer models in the market.2.Lack of modern features: it may lack some modern features found in other vehicles, Such as advanced infotainment systems or driver-assistance technologies.3.Average cabin comfort: while the cabin provides a comfortable seating position, It may lack some creature comforts and convenience features available in other vehicles.Overall performance, Mileage, Pickup, Build quality, Vibrations, Features, Etc.:the bolero camper is powered by a robust diesel engine that delivers adequate performance for most tasks.It has good torque, Which helps in carrying heavy loads and manoeuvring through challenging terrains.The build quality is sturdy and reliable, With the vehicle being able to handle rough usage and withstand minor impacts.In terms of mileage, The bolero camper offers decent fuel efficiency considering its size and purpose.It provides satisfactory mileage for a pickup truck, But it may not be as fuel-efficient as smaller vehicles.The pickup of the bolero camper is noteworthy, Allowing it to accelerate swiftly and handle overtaking maneuvers with ease.Regarding vibrations, Being a diesel-powered vehicle, Some level of engine vibrations can be felt, Especially at idle.However, The vibrations are generally within acceptable limits and do not hinder the overall driving experience.As for features, The bolero camper offers basic amenities such as power steering, Air conditioning, And a music system.However, It may lack some advanced features like touchscreen infotainment systems or modern safety features, Which can be found in more premium vehicles.After-sale service:mahindra has a widespread service network across india, And their after-sales service is generally considered satisfactory.They have service centers in many cities and towns, Ensuring convenient access for customers.The quality of service provided by mahindra's authorized service centers varies from location to location, But overall, They strive to address customer concerns and provide necessary support.In conclusion, The mahindra bolero camper offers a decent driving experience and a comfortable cabin.Its best features include ruggedness, Versatility, Affordability, And ample ground clearance.However, It may have an outdated design, Lack modern features, And have average cabin comfort.The overall performance, Mileage, Pickup, Build quality, And vibrations are satisfactory for its purpose as a pickup truck.Mah.

  • 4.3
    Best service from zigwheels

    Best service from zigwheels faithful service also they will help in future related to our vehicle

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