6 must-have car accessories

  • Jul 25, 2012
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There are certain car accessories you cannot do without. Here is a list containing the most essential!

Steering lock

Remote locking system, gear locks and steering locks

There are a number of devices to deter car thieves, but these three are crucial.

Remote locking systems bypass the need for an ignition key to lock the car, and it also sets the anti-theft alarm when you lock the car. Quality systems feature an impact detection sensor which sets off the alarm even if a window is tempered with. A basic remote locking system costs Rs 2500.

Gear locks lock the car into a set gear until you unlock it. There are two types, the u type and the pin type. The pin type lock fits below the gear lever, while the u type consists of a stand and a lock. The stand is fixed on to the floor of the car, and the lock is made of hardened steel. Prices for gear locks start from Rs 1500.

Steering locks prevent the steering from turning. They are spring loaded, with two appendages that fit on to the inside of a steering wheel, and extensions on both sides prevent the steering wheel from turning. They cost Rs 500, and The Club is a dependable brand.

Tubeless puncture repair kit

Puncture repair kit

A puncture repair kit will enable you to fix a punctured tyre without waiting for a rescue service but they cannot repair a blow out. The kit consists of a spiral tool, inserting tool, puncture seals, rubber cement and a blade. Some have air canisters to inflate the tyres, but an electronic tyre inflator is recommended. These kits can only repair punctures on the tread and not on the side walls. Prices starts at Rs 250.

Car cover

Car cover

A cover keeps a car dirt and dust free when parked besides bird droppings, rain sunlight and the elements. A fabric cover is effective indoors. For the outdoors, a water-resistant cover with a soft inner lining is recommended. Ensure the cover fits your car snugly to avert dirt creeping in. The cost depends on the car and the material.

Floor mats
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All-weather mats

All weather mats keep the car floor clean. Made of rubber, the underside has rubber grooves to keep them from moving around. the channels on top spread water across the mat. The raised edges prevent water, mud and contaminants from flowing on to the floor. All-weather mats cost upward of Rs 750

Seat covers

Seat covers

Car seat covers protect the seats, increase comfort, and can enhance the aesthetics of the interiors. Fabric seat covers are the cheapest, do not heat up very easily and can be dry cleaned but are not very durable. Rexin seat covers heat up quickly and are prone to fading. Leather covers look and feel good and are very durable, but need care. Nylon seat covers are tough and water-resistant but not as comfortable as leather covers. Prices depend on the car, number of seats and quality of material.

Air freshner

Air fresheners

Air fresheners and perfumes keep a car cabin smelling good. there are oil wick fresheners, can style fresheners, cardboard fresheners and aerosol sprays. The cardboard freshener costs Rs 99.

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