Ather 450X Gen 3 Update - All You Need To Know - Walkaround Review

  • by Priyadarshan Bawikar
  • January 9, 2023
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Ather just celebrated its first community day on 7th January 2023. At this event, the company released the Ather Stack 5.0 software update for the 450X electric scooter. In this update, the 450X’s 7-inch LCD screen sees a completely revised user interface that relies more on swipe gestures rather than taps. Not only is there a new UI for the riding modes, but the Google Maps navigation has been updated to support vector based maps, which not only load faster but also give users the ability to easily rotate the map, and change perspective as well. On top of that, there’s a live traffic display as well, which should make navigation much easier.


The new Ather Stack 5 update is available OTA (Over the Air) for existing Ather 450X owners and will will also add a new Auto Hold functionality, which automatically holds the e-scooter on inclines without the rider holding the brakes. That said, only owners of the 450X Gen 3 will be able to access the auto hold functionality, as it needs a different motor controller. New Ather 450X’s which have already hit showrooms also get four new colour options - Lunar Grey, Salt Green, True Red and Cosmic Black. They also get a redesigned seat to make it more comfortable for both taller and shorter riders. Existing 450X owners can buy this new seat and get it retrofitted to their e-scooters as well.


Key Moments

0:10 - New Colours

0:28 - New UI and maps

1:10 - Auto Hold

1:41 - New Seat

2:19 - How to get the update

2:41 - Increased battery warranty


Host - Priyadarshan Bawikar

DOP - Neeraj Panwar


Find more details about the Ather 450X on the ZigWheels website:


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