Royal Enfield Streetborn Gloves & Classic Cool

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  • February 25, 2019
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Royal Enfield’s Streetborn Gloves are designed for those who want a pair of comfortable, short cuff gloves for daily use during their commute, and find the idea of using full size technical gauntlet gloves on an everyday basis too cumbersome. The Streetborns also bring with them a proper retro design, while still providing all the standard safety features we’ve come to expect from modern motorcycle gloves. Under the genuine leather construction, it gets a hard plastic protector for the knuckles and high density form on the finger joints and on the palm for scaphoid protection. Available in three colours, these Streetborn gloves can be picked from any Royal Enfield showroom or their online store at store.royalenfield.com for Rs 3,300. For more details and video reviews of the latest bikes, do subscribe to ZigWheels: https://bit.ly/2T1LJD2 #RoyalEnfieldStreetbornGloves #StreetbornGloves #ZigWheels[

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