Omologato Watches: For the Motoring Nerd in you

If like us, you love your cars and bikes and want to show it to the world, you need to know everything about Omologato, a new watch company that makes some excellent motoring based wristwatches.


Are you the kind of person who must have that Porsche Design spectacle frame or that Mercedes-Benz T-Shirt just because you are a HUGE car nerd and love everything about anything that goes fast? Well, if you answered Yes to the above, what we have here is something that will get your juices flowing. Omologato, a new watch company based in the United Kingdom makes some totally epic motoring/motorsport watches that every car nerd must have.

Divided into a few categories like the Racing Chronograph, the Heritage collection and new BSA collection, Omologato takes some of the most legendary motorsport material and incorporates them into simple and elegant timepieces that pack a dollop of sportiness. Our favorites would have to be the Gulf Racing and the Martini Racing themed watches that incorporate the legendary racing colors along with the Hesketh Racing(of the James Hunt fame) watch that prominently displays the helmeted teddy bear.


We also love how Omologato has taken hints from some legendary race cars like the Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 that ran the legendary Mille-Miglia or the #172 Ferrari 250 GTO that took part in the Tour de France and incorporated them into their watches. And then there are the Porsche series watches that celebrate my favorite Porsche of all time, the 944 and its cousin, the 924 along with two watches that incorporate the simplicity and timelessness of the BSA Motorcycle company. All in all, Omologato’s unique watches are not just cool, but strike a chord in most car lovers making them a great gift and a great alternative to the typical gold and stainless steel wedding watch(if you are brave enough)!

To buy one, visit omologatowatches.com. Prices range between the Rs 15-35 thousand mark and yes, they do ship to India!

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