#ILuvZigWheels unleashes a Twitter storm

ZigWheels' first-ever Twitter contest saw an avalanche of responses from participants who were required to answer 12 questions in a span of 2 hours in a bid to win exciting goodies!


ILuvZigWheels hashtag trends on Twitter


#ILuvZigWheels took the Twitter world by storm on the evening of September 11 as ZigWheels’ first-ever Twitter contest had participants happily tapping away on their screens in a bid to win some cool prizes – from shopping vouchers to RC model cars to ZigWheels coffee table books! 


The contest which ran from 4pm to 6pm, kept our fans perched on their finger tips with questions about all things ZigWheels. The overwhelming participation got #ILuvZigWheels trending to the 4th top spot on Twitter within an hour’s time. Before long, and thanks to the buzz created by all our participants, #ILuvZigWheels rose to the No. 1 trending spot!


Our Twitter handle @zigwheels was inundated with responses for hours and going through the thousands of replies and answers was indeed a staggering task. We loved engaging with each one of the participants and in the end we picked up 60 winners.


Some of the responses we got during the hot trending contest are given below:



@Zigwheels Why my TL is 'going' gaga, and heart 'zigzag'? Heard something's happening, that was done never before? #ILuvZigWheels



@Zigwheels Indeed learned a thing and two about you guys and your portal. Cool job. #ILuvZigWheels



The enthu & efforts clearly shows on the trending list. ‪#ILuvZigWheels is on No.1 worldwide :) feeling proud!



#ILuvZigWheels Joh Cars se kare pyaar woh ‪@Zigwheels ko kaise kare na pyaar :-)



‪#ILuvZigWheels 12. I Love ZigWheels because it will take some generations to beat ‪@Zigwheels for others



‪@Zigwheels ‪#ILuvZigWheels and seems its a sort of Mexican wave around the country.. Congrats!



‪@Zigwheels Zigwheels is India's No. 1 automobile portal...just love your reviews and test ride reports... ‪#ILuvZigWheels



‪@Zigwheels ‪#IluvZigWheels you're trending even in my city ‪#jaipur. Congratulations



‪@Zigwheels whoa u r setting new benchmarks in trending too...tweet with most impact...way to go! ‪#ILuvZigWheels



‪#ILuvZigWheels 12) I Love ZigWheels because i get here everything popular cars, used cars, bikes. EVERYTHING


And our top 5 winners are: 


1. @guesshu_79: Richard HuJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

2. @LeoAmore6: Megha Shrimali, Navi Mumbai

3. @Lower_Octave: Rahul Jain, Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)

4. @plum_paradise:  Kim C, Mumbai

5. @YesBwoy: Rohit Pasi, New Delhi.


To view all 60 winners, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages! 

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