Hot entry-level sedans to pick in the range of Rs. 6-8 lakh

If hatchbacks don't satisfy you and you want a larger car, but all the big sedans are out of reach, an entry-level sedan is what will do the trick for you. Here is a list of some hot entry-level sedans in the budget of Rs. 6 to 8 lakh, which you would definitely want to pick!






Mahindra Verito: Priced at Rs 4.82 lakh for the petrol BS3 version and 5.62 lakh for the diesel BS3 version, the new Mahindra Verito retains all its Logan characteristics while moving a notch up in the design department. With held-back looks and basic interiors, the Verito is a well built lower midsize sedan with lots of space on the inside and possibly one of the most spacious rear seats in its class. The Verito is a great sedan for someone on a shoestring budget who is looking for a suitable 3 box car.


Chevrolet Aveo: Priced at Rs. 5.90 to 6.70 lakh, the Aveo is one car where you are better off being chauffer driven. The Chevy Aveo is a midsize sedan that fits in the lower C segment in India. It's quirky and a little boxy in places, however the overall design is more contemporary than some of its competition. Interior space and finish are decent, but the materials used could have been better. The Aveo is available with a number of engine choices and that is what really gives this car the sort of versatility to cater to a plethora of customers.








Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire: A great diesel 3 box sedan that is exceptionally well priced at Rs. 4.95 to 7.20 lakh. In essence it is the Swift albeit for a boot stuck on the back. The car does lose some of its good looks due to this, but the overall package has been hard to resist and the Dzire too has witnessed stellar sales. The Dzire shares its interiors and engine options, namely the 1.2 K Series petrol and 1.3 DDis diesel, with the Swift range and drivability is also in the same league as the boot adds only 30 kilograms more to the overall weight of the car.









Tata Indigo eCS: This is actually a good purchase. It’s one of the smallest sedans on the market, and you can buy it for the price of a hatchback. Based on the Indica platform, the CS fits in with vehicle regulations to qualify as a small car, yet it has a boot! Mechanicals, engines, fit and finish are in line with the Tata Indica. Priced at Rs. 4.41 to 5.53 lakh, the CS is for those who wish to step up into the 3 box sedan category while spending money that would most probably get them a premium hatchback. To top it off, the Indigo’s frugal running cost are another plus point.


Ford Fiesta Classic: Recently rechristened as the “Classic”, this is a smooth refined car that is exceptionally fun to drive. In terms of design and style, the Fiesta isn't groundbreaking and interior space is also at a premium. Having said that, it is a decent drive and ride quality is quite decent. Powered by choice of either petrol or diesel mill, the Fiesta fits right in the urban jungle and is available in the price range of Rs. 5.49 to 8.52 lakh. A lot of young executives opt for this car as it offers great features at a decent price.








Toyota Etios: Space, refinement, comfort and price all make Toyota Etios a killer product. Aggressively priced at Rs. 4.96 to 6.87 lakh, the Etios sedan marks Toyota's entry into the mass market. The Etios is available in 5 different petrol variants and has proven to be a segment shaker.




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