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First Indian Drive-thru In The UK Opened By Chaiiwala Store

The franchise, called ‘Chaiiwala,’ has its roots going back to 1927 in New Delhi, India

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It’s not often that you get to see a symbiotic relationship between foodies and car lovers. But those based in the UK from either or both these categories now have a reason to rejoice: Chaiiwala, an Indian-origin restaurant franchise, has opened its doors to the British the first Indian drive-thru service. It is located in Bolton, Manchester.

Chaiiwala originated as a small stall selling tea in 1927 in New Delhi, and was then revived by the original founders’ family, who took it to the UK in 2016.

What Does Chaiiwala Offer?

In a video shared by the franchise on its Facebook profile, we can see the host seated in his Land Rover Range Rover SUV. He heads over to Chaiiwala’s drive-thru outlet wishing to have a sweet Bombay toast, a kebab roll and an omelette breakfast. Other than breakfast items, Chaiiwala also offers a variety of chai (if not obvious by its name already), cold coffee, street food such as burgers and parathas, rotis, and even desserts.

What Is A Drive-thru?

Drive-thrus, which originated in the USA in the 1930s, is a type of service usually offered by restaurants and food outlets, that lets customers take out their products without having to step out of their cars.

Drive-thrus In India

Back home, the most common drive-thrus that are seen are only for some popular fast-food joints. However, with the concept starting to gain popularity, even the Indian banking industry started implementing it across the country, with the first drive-up ATM being set up in the early 2000s.

More recently, we had also seen the drive-thru concept being used in a rather effective way when many big shopping malls had started using their large parking lots to offer vaccination facility to people.

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