TomTom introduces high-speed dual-charger

TomTom claims the new high-speed dual-charger is four times faster charging than standard chargers



TomTom  high-speed dual-charger




TomTom, which are known for their range of GPS navigation systems have introduced a new high-speed dual-charger. The high-speed dual-charger is the latest offering from TomTom’s existing portfolio of in-car charger series in India and it can charge two devices at once. TomTom also claims that the new high-speed dual-charger can charge the device four times faster with comparison to a standard charger. This is the feature that helps the product stand out from its competition according to the manufacturer as standard in-car chargers require a longer charging time. 


The TomTom high-speed dual-charger has two dedicated USB ports and the charger automatically detects how to charge the connected device as fast as possible. The TomTom high-speed dual-charger is suitable for devices such as smartphones, iPhones, navigation devices, iPads, MP3 players and tablets. The TomTom chargers are available online and at all car accessories stores across India. The TomTom high-speed dual-charger is priced at Rs 1,490. The other charging solutions as part of this launch include TomTom USB Car Charger priced at Rs 590.