Motomax Car Care Product Review

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  • Feb 27, 2015
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We get our hands on some car care products from Motomax to find out how well they work


Motomax Car Shampoo

Motomax Car Shampoo

A shampoo for cleaning your car? Well, that might just be a first for a lot of people out there. Quite a few car owners go with whatever detergent that comes their way in order to get rid of those stubborn spots without realising that it harms the paint.


We recently tried out the Motomax Car Shampoo on one of our long term cars and were pretty impressed with the overall result. Even though the car had some very stubborn spots on it, to test the product to the fullest, we left the car unwashed for two days. 


Using a 10ml of the shampoo in 3 litres of water, we mixed the solution well to ensure that it lathered nicely. We then scrubbed the surface with a clean cloth wetted in the shampoo solution and surprisingly most of the spots were gone except of course the ones that tarmac leaves on the car. A 100ml bottle of the Motomax Car Shampoo costs just Rs 50 which amounts to almost Rs 5 per wash. Pretty affordable if you ask us.




Motomax Car Cream Polish



Motomax Cream Polish               

Once we had the car all cleaned up, it was now time to give the Motomax Cream Polish a try. To ensure that the Cream Polish works its magic it is ideal to take one section at a time. So we began with the bonnet. We applied the polish in a circular motion using a sponge and allowed it to dry till it turned into a hazy white. Once dry, we wiped it off with a dry and soft cloth.



Motomax Car Cream Polish



At the end of the exercise, the difference in the shine on the bonnet and on the rest of the body was evident. A can of the Motomax Cream Polish costs Rs 70 for 60g which should be good enough for at least 2-3 polishes.       


Motomax Protectant Spray application




Motomax Protectant Spray

With the kind of conditions we drive in - traffic, pollution and the changing weather, our cars suffer a lot of abuse. And for something that protects us from all of this, it’s only fair to pamper it a little as well. Considering that we spend good chunk of our day inside a car, the interiors need to be looked after as well.


Taking care of interiors has gone beyond just cleaning it on a regular basis. To ensure that the insides remain as good as new for a long time they need to be protected from harmful effect of UV rays. The Motomax Protectant Spray is one product that allows you to do so with ease.



Motomax Protectant Spray



But before you actually use the spray you will have to ensure that the dashboard and the other plastic parts are dust free. To start with it is absolutely easy to use. You simply need to spray it on the plastic, vinyl and rubber parts of your car and spread it evenly with a clean cloth. Ensure that the spray doesn’t drip lest it will leave a stain.


Keeping in mind that more often than not, our cars are parked in the scorching heat of the sun, regular usage of the Motomax Protectant Spray will ensure that there is no decolouration of your dashboard plastic. A 100ml bottle of the Motomax Protectant Spray costs Rs 75 and at that cost it is considerably cheaper than its competition.



Motomax Dashboard Polish



Motomax Dashboard Polish

A car is just like humans in many ways, protecting it simply isn’t always enough. You sometimes need to groom it to ensure that it continues to look good over time. We tried the Motomax Dashboard Polish on one of the most used cars in the ZigWheels fleet to find out if it actually makes a difference.


After cleaning the dashboard with a clean wet cloth, we let it dry for a while before applying the liquid dashboard polish using the foam applicator provided. The matte black dashboard of the Skoda Octavia we tried it on did start to shine, a bit too much for our liking actually, but another wipe with a clean cloth ensured that the excess shine on the dashboard and other plastic parts was gone. A 100ml bottle of the Motomax Dashboard Polish costs Rs 90.



Motomax dashboard polish application



While all the Motomax products are pretty affordable and easily available too, it lacks the same sort of brand recognition that names like Formula1 and 3M have. Also the fact that, its packaging is of the same colour scheme as Formula1 doesn't quite strengthen its case either.