• Q. Which is better Dzire petrol or diesel?

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    Navneet | 7 months ago

    So if you like to drive a lot and traffic, city drives doesn't bother you, then go for Manual gear transmission diesel. If you don't drive a lot and traffic driving gives you stress go for petrol and automatic transmission (AMT). Petrol and Diesel fuel prices are almost same but you pay more for diesel car variant. but if you take a test drive you will feel the difference of power and grunt, more torque and less gear shift in diesel engine as compared to a petrol engine. I have already done 1.25k KMs in 5.5 years with my Dzire and never had any problems, with regular servicing and tyre change that too was done at 66000 KMs, next tire change is expected in next 2-3 thousand KMs.One more catch is that diesel cars have a 10years life with in Delhi NCR but if you drive a lot on highways and long routes it is better to go for Diesel for sure.

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    Gaurav | 2 months ago

    Both are better at their own and the fact is our need our dally use of car can help us to choose which one car will be better for us if our daily run is about 100km or more than that then we should go for Disel car and this will feel lighter than petrol car in case of budget.while service of car disel car cost more than petrol car around 20% more than petrol car so choose wisely

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    Sk | 3 months ago

    Future is EV and in current position petrol engine good if your running 30-40km/day otherwise u have to go for diesel engine coz diesel fuel efficiency is better I got 25kmpl in diesel dzire vdi .If you're buying first car than go for petrol coz low maintenance than after few years install CNG kit in petrol dzire.

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    Sailesh | 3 months ago

    Dzire is best in diesel if it’s your primary car. Diesel Dzire is one of the most fuel efficient cars in India and has excellent demand and rate when you want to resale. Only if it’s your spare car that you use rarely ( like I use it for not more than 300km a month) should you consider a petrol Dzire .

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    Tuner | 1 year ago

    A diesel is capable of doing the same job as a petrol would do . However they do have different characteristics . The petrols are always rev happy but diesels arent. You get off the line a whole lot quicker in a diesel because the torque is way more than a petrol . Also if you adjust your driving style you can get a whole lot more mileage out of a diesel engine than a petrol engine. Nowadays the diesel engines have become a lot lot more refined but they still cant manage the amount refinement a petrol engine gives and its linear power delivery.

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    Jo | 1 month ago

    Better is the question? Its definitely diesel ,the turbo engine was the first in a popular model which gave us the kick of a turbo with great mileage. vvt ist bad..but performance wise diesel varient is better.(BS 5 How wi the diesel manage shhh) Thanks.

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    Mahim | 1 year ago

    Remember one golden rule for buying suzuki cars , Buy petrol car if your total commute per annum is less than 12000 Kms . Count this , You have to pay 1.5 lakh extra for any diesel vehicle compare to petrol . That 1.5 lakh extra is amount of petrol cost you are paying in advance and you will start saving on diesel vehicle only after 1 lakh kms. By that time you wiill surely sell your car. so It doesnt make sense of diesel vehicle over petrol .

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    As a general rule of thumb, if your yearly running is less than 20000km, and you intend to switch to a new model in 4-5 years time, a petrol model would make more financial sense. The difference in petrol and diesel prices is roughly Rs 8-10. Assuming the price difference stays the same even after five years i.e. Rs 8-10, then it would take around 3.5-4 years before you recover the extra cost spent on buying the diesel car.

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    Mohit | 8 months ago

    Petrol engine is better if you want good acceleration , diesel engine just can't match the acceleration of the petrol one Though the diesel engine is very efficientBut it lacks the punch And if you're going to drive for more than 30kms a day (atleast) then only the diesel engine will be worth the buy , because the cost of spares and other maintainence of the diesel engine is way more than the petrol oneNow choice is yours

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    Kumar | 1 year ago

    It depends on how many kilometers you travel daily. More than 80 km, go for the diesel variant which will be economical, in the long run, although the initial price will be high. Petrol makes the sense when you travel mostly in the city and has a limited run of about 50 to 60 km per day. Petrol requires less maintenance and its servicing cost is also on the lower side.

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