• Q. Which car is good to buy between Honda WRV and XUV 300?

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    D | 5 months ago

    It’s all preference i suppose. Both are in the same territory when it comes to pricing, probably they even overlap few of their versions. I suppose WR-V should have versions such as S ,S MT, SMT + EDGE, VX MT, VX MT Exclusive for petrol and for diesel the models are same as well. Believe me the Hondas are known for their super silent Petrol motor. It’s definitely slow in the first gear and it’s take quite sometime with the clutch and accelerator to get used to it but once it moves beyond the power band it’s whole different beast. I’ve driven 80 kmph in second gear in jazz. The petrol is so amazing once you get used to and with sane head i have managed 22 kmpl in highways. I cannot comment anything on diesel as i haven’t driven it but beware once you are inside the car you can see the cost cutting with plastics. On the other hand the mahindra seems very capable on paper the starting prices are less than that of the Honda but be assured these are just introductory prices and will taper of quickly and will fall into the same price band of Hondas in the coming days. However, i am not positive with Mahindra’s service and it always is a hit or miss. Some people say good but some says otherwise. but honda on the other hand had never death of parts availability and it’s super reliable. I have hardly experienced any flaw with the motor or the running parts. Same day delivery of the vehicle is what i have experienced personally. Take a test drive of the XUV 300 and the WR-V, listen to what your heart says. It’s ALWAYS RIGHT !!

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    Mayank | 3 months ago

    XUV300 because I have driven both the cars and I feel that XUV 300 is better than WRV

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    Shijith | 1 month ago

    XUV 300 definitely more powerful, but still in long run i will prefer /suggest WRV

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    Amit | 4 weeks ago

    Any day XUV 300 better torque

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    Iype | 8 months ago

    XUV300 is new in the market. I have had very bad experience with mahindra . I am happy with Honda .

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    Karun | 3 months ago

    WRV is success for 2 years

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    Amit | 7 months ago

    XUV 300 for shear torque . And WRV for reliabilty and great interior space .

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    Lakshay | 5 months ago

    Looks matter a lot. xuv has a bold look whereas wrv has a superior look.

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    Praneeth | 5 months ago

    If u can invest more amount then u can buy xuv300 otherwise go to wrv

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    Yuvi | 9 months ago

    Honda wrv is the best and no 1 in his segment

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