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  • Q. What is the tyre size of BMW 5 series?
    Dillip | 2 weeks ago

    BMW 5 Series comes with tyre size of 225/55 R17 101W.

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  • Q. What is the max power of BMW 5 series?
    Dillip | 1 week ago

    The BMW 5 series has max power of 261.49bhp@4000rpm.

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  • Q. Does BMW 5 series have heads up display?
    Dillip | 1 month ago

    Yes, certain variants of BMW 5 series comes with HUD (head-up display). The following variants has 520d am Sport , 520d am Sport, 530d am Sport.

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    User Opinion about BMW 5 Series

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    • BMW 5 Series Innovation Meets Performance

      The BMW 5 Series offers a dynamic driving experience that's both excellent and thrilling by linking invention and performance. Advanced technology and first- rate installations can be set up in its wide and luxurious innards, while aerodynamic lines and startling accentuations can be set up in its excellent surface design. The 5 Series offers accurate running and dynamic performance on every trip with a variety of potent machine elections and responsive running. Whether driving on the trace and exchanging through the megacity, the 5 Series provides a refined driving experience that adroitly combines performance and invention.

    • Elevating Elegance and Performance

      The series 5 is BMW's flagship model in the sport executive section. This car features a premium cabin that is filled with a variety of modern technology and high quality materials. The 5 Series model offers you tranquility, efficiency, and powerful motor options to pull out a thrilling driving pleasure. The classic rear-seat offered enough space for travelers to feel comfortable, and high-tech safety features would encourage you not to worry. Finally, BMW have succeeded in leading the segment of luxury cars with the balanced performance, comfort, and style of the BMW 5 Series.

    • Powerful and fuel efficient

      On the bad roads the ride quality of BMW 5 series is very good also on the high speed and the engine is very powerful and refined and also this five seater sedan is a good fuel efficient. The cabin is really nice and the seats are very large and comfortable but the second row is not comfortable for the three passangers. The boot space in this premium car is very large and is a very awsome and practical car that is very nice to drive but the steering response is little dull.

    • Refined Craftsmanship, Unrivaled Comfort

      Setting new norms in its class, the BMW 5 Series is an administrative best sedan car famed for its excellent best experience, advanced luxury, and delicate workmanship. My estimation for the 5 Series comes from its luxurious innards and Classic looks, which give a placid and comforting ride for the rider and my family members likewise. The 5 Series offers a smooth and thrilling driving experience with outstanding comfort and fineness thanks to its excellent machine election and more advanced technological features. BMW has played to produce my dream auto, which not only commands concentration with its striking appearance but also provides advanced luxury and best experience. My favorite car is the 5 Series because of its full balance of comfort, performance, and handling rates.

    • Love the driving experience

      I love the car with the first sight and is absolutely looking gorgeous and very stunning. The first thing i like in the interior is the seats and the steering is also very nice. This luxury sedan gives both the rows most comfortable and spacious and the most important thing of this luxury car is the driving that is very fun to drive and is so damn quick. The performance is mind blowing and it does the job perfectly and i love the way the driving of this car is.

    • Elegant and fun to drive

      It is my pleasure as an automotive enthusiast, to share with you the BMW 5 series. Their road price actually capable to meet the value of the classy model because of their extremely low fuel consumption and performance. The exterior elegant surface blends in perfectly with the exciting interior that comes with extra perks, so that every ride gets better and better. This opportunities have made many cars in the market with powerful engine working very well as well as very practical in practice. Wide range of colors makes room for customizability and newest safety functions

    • BMW 5 Series: The Luxurious Workhorse

      A few months ago, I became the proud owner of the BMW 5 Series and it has been an epitome of luxury and performance. Exploring its elegant design is a powerhouse the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine for the 530i churning out 248 horsepower, provides a seamless and smooth ride. Coupled with an 8 speed automatic transmission, it delivers me fuel efficiency of around 10 kmpl in the city and13 on the highway, ideal for both city commutes and long drives.The spaciousness of the cabin and the cutting edge technology including a user friendly infotainment system.

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