• Q. How has been your experience with Tata Hexa regards to service, fuel efficiency, AC and driving comfort?

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    Vijay | 1 year ago

    Service is excellent of Tatas now. They do followups on post service to know your experience. Coming to driving comfort it is very good. It's been 2 years I'm driving Hexa with 30k clocked on my odometer and it's still smooth and no vibrations so far... Also I noticed engine noise levels are lower than an innova. Suspension being another good part in the vehicle. It easily obsorbs bad roads. I did a top speed of 175km comfortably (not recommended though,I was just checking the stability). AC is excellent even being a big cabin. Fuel efficiency is good compared to its rivels. It will easily give you 16kmpl on highways with AC on and 12 in the city conditions. You can even push further if you maintain the RPM. I got 19kmpl for 300km drive when maintained the RPM below 2000. My only concern is it wobbles a little bit in second gear but not sure if this is the problem with all vehicles or just mine. But my overall experience is wonderful with this vehicle. My old vehicle is optra magnum and it is still pleasure to drive vehicle unlike Tatas. But Hexa is still a good choice I made. You may consider it.

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    Dheeraj | 1 year ago

    Service 10/10,AC and driving comfort 10/10, Fuel efficiency is very subjective matter.. you can squeeze upto 20 kmpl without AC on highways if you don't press accelerator aggressively and cross the RPM around 1700 rpm in all gears. It touches 90 km plus at 1700 rpm. However for normal driving expect 10 kmpl in city and 14 kmpl on highways with AC on. In severe summer conditions the mileage can drop to 9 kmpl in city and 13 on highway. In Winters city mileage can be upto 11 and highways 15, taking out the speedo errors. Hope it works for you.

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Questions & Answers on Hexa 2017-2020 Competitors

Frequently Asked Questions about Tata Hexa 2017-2020

Q. What is the mileage of Tata Hexa 2017-2020?
A. The mileage of Tata Hexa 2017-2020 is 17.6 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Hexa 2017-2020.
Q. What is the mileage of Tata Hexa 2017-2020 Diesel Version?
A. The mileage of Tata Hexa 2017-2020 Diesel is 17.6 kmpl.
Q. What type of airbags available in Tata Hexa 2017-2020?
A. There are Driver and Passenger airbags available in the top model of Tata Hexa 2017-2020.
Q. What are the colours available in Tata Hexa 2017-2020?
A. Tata Hexa 2017-2020 is available in 5 colours:
Q. How many cylinders does Tata Hexa 2017-2020 has?
A. Tata Hexa 2017-2020 comes with 4 cylinders.
Q. How many gears available in Tata Hexa 2017-2020?
A. There are 5 Speed gears available in Tata Hexa 2017-2020.
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