• Q. Which version of rtr 200 4v is best the carburettor or the fi version

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    Elvis | 9 months ago

    First off, good choice of 200cc bike , and a very nice question too :)Well here are a few points to be noted about Carb and FI variants. Carb. :1. Easy maintenance. Any mechanic can easily assist you in case of emergency. 2. In case of failure, the carburettor can be easily replaced Fuel injection:1 .Linear power delivery. No sudden acceleration. 2 . Cold start is not a problem, a little thumb power can get the vehicle running in no time, even in coldest of days 3. In case of failure, the system has to be completely replaced, which is going to cost a lot, comparatively. 4. Better mileage, since the amount of fuel delivered to the system is controlled and monitored. I guess the above points might assist you in making the decision. Personally, I own the carburetted version, because I find it more engaging and fun to ride around. I suggest you test ride both the variants and then make your decision. Happy riding.

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    Kunal | 9 months ago

    You will not notice much difference between fi and carburettor. Fi provides very smooth performance while carburettor produce RAW. fi will get slightly more mileage as compared to carb varient.

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    Narasimha | 2 weeks ago

    Hello Arijit My opinion is that up coming rtr 2004v is the best because they're adding some more furture.

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    Yugesh | 9 months ago

    FI is always better as now all modern day bikes are moving towards fuel injectors. FI have more performance than carburettor.

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    Goutambudha | 2 months ago

    Fi Version

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    Yugesh | 9 months ago

    FI version is always better has smooth fuel injection and better performance

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    Vivek | 9 months ago

    If you are looking for better pick up and fuel efficiency choose Fi variant

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    Jayaprakash | 9 months ago

    FI is better than Carburetor, it is expected to be launched around June '19

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    Bishal | 10 months ago

    FI with ABS should be better but this combination isn’t available.

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    Virendra | 12 months ago

    Carburettor version is better

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