• Q. Which has more pick up and power between Activa 5G and 125

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    Israr | 9 months ago

    Both have similar amount of horsepower 5g produces 8 hp and 125 produces 8.5 horsepower , but the difference is between the Torque numbers 125 has 10.54 Nm of Torque at 5000 rpm and activa has 9 Nm of Torque at 5500 rpm so basically in normal terms more Torque is produced at lower end of the engine Revs in 125 means it ha more pickup than activa and this is not my answers based on numbers I have driven both 9f the scooters and you do feel the extra Torque of 125 while carrying a pillion

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    Shri | 1 month ago

    Activa 125 as it is a 125cc engine whereas the Activa 5g is a 110cc engine ( only little difference )

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    Dilli | 9 months ago

    Activa 125cc obviously smooth on hills and activa 110cc struggle when climbing with pillion and on the other side activa 125 smoothly goes up and easily go through unpaved roads

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    Milw | 3 months ago

    Activa 125 carries more power and torque than Activa 5G

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    Mohammed | 2 months ago

    125 has much powerful,torqueful Engine

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    Nitin | 1 month ago

    Activa 5g

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    CHATTREE | 2 months ago

    Activa 5G

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    Virendra | 9 months ago

    It is depend on bhp but activa 125 has more pickup and even you can lift your front wheel

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    Hritwij | 9 months ago

    Activa 125 as it's having more CC, so it's a greater pickup on it

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    Sameir | 9 months ago

    125..but 5g gives milage after 3 services it gives power

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