• Q. My height is 5.4ft, is R15 V3 comfortable for me??

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    Mahesh | 1 week ago

    Seating position of R15 V3 is slightly more aggressive.It can be ridden comfortably at sporty seating angles but you have to get used to that.It will be difficult for your ride height to manage in city especially in Traffic, Your shoulder Starts paining after a few minutes of ride better go for naked motorcycle if you are in city

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    DEVRAJ | 3 weeks ago

    Go for r15 as mileage is best ,also maintainence is affordable ,specs are awesome .. if you are a beginner and also if you are pro r15 is best you can go for rr310 but depends upon the budget ,also mileage is less and maintenance is high, of course due to the bigger engine..it's your choice at last..

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    Aditya | 1 month ago

    You will have a bit of problem regarding flat footing the bill but it's light weight so it won't be that big of a problem or a deal breaker.That will be the answer to your question.Be sure to test ride the bike before getting it.

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    Joshy | 5 days ago

    Yes dude ..first master to control the bike in a tired ground you can use cones etc.Then small rides please avoid city traffic initially. buy high heeled boots or insole.please fo wear safety equipments always.

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Yamaha has increased its seat height to 815mm which is 15mm more than V2. With 5.4 inch height, you might face some problem to set your feet flat on the ground, and could be difficult to find a ideal riding posture and comfort. Though, we would suggest you to take a test ride before making a final call. Click on the link to get your nearest dealership details: https://bit.ly/2jv2aXQ

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    Col | 10 months ago

    For sure Bro you can ride it . it all depends on your will and passion I'm 5'4 but i enjoy riding the machine without facing any difficulty . machine is light in weight even of it falls down it is very easy to pick it up. Handling is amazing and this is the king of 150cc motorcycle if you're willing to buy one just go for it .

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    Col | 10 months ago

    Till date i haven't faced any issues even in the traffic . all depends on your posture of riding the motorcycle and but obvious it is a track oriented machine. rider's positioning is aggressive a way too much usage can result in cramps and aches .

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    Kiran | 4 months ago

    Yeah i guess you can manage it! The bike is not at all heavy and you can sit little further up than sitting in middle of the seat for your height. If you like the bike and it fills your purpose i say you can proceed in buying it!

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    Anoop | 3 weeks ago

    Optimum height for v3 is 5.7 feet and above....if less,u will have problems managing bike in situations like parking or pushing the bike around

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    Tripat | 4 weeks ago

    Yes buddy my friend is of 4.8 he rides it easily Just learn it riding on proper gears in some weeks and then start speeding it

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