• Q. I'm confused between ntorq 125 and aprilia sr 125. which scooter i should buy?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The Aprilia SR 125 manages to balance the trademark Aprilia aggression while being more usable thanks to its new 125cc engine. However, it fails to justify its hefty price tag of Rs 65,210 (ex-showroom Delhi) as it doesnโ€™t offer the suppleness or features that you get with the NTorq. On the other hand, The TVS NTorq ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality and excitement. It offers an engaging ride experience, exceptional performance and a host of features never seen on an Indian scooter before. All this at an attractive price point of Rs 58,750 (ex-showroom Delhi). This helps it in undercutting its Honda and Aprilia rivals by a good margin, while almost matching its competition from Suzuki. It certainly gets a thumbs-up from our side.

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    Abhishek | 10 months ago

    As you must be aware that Aprilia sr 150 is equipped with a 150 cc engine which us bigger than 125 cc engine of TVS Ntorq. But the major advantage that you will get with sr 150 is that now it is equipped with ABS and it also gets Bluetooth connecrtivity with your smartphone which is also available on Ntorq. If you want more power with excellent high speed stability go for sr 150. It has bigger 14 inch wheels in comparison to 12 inch wheels on Ntorq. But with sr 150 you should not expect more mileage as it is a performance oriented scooter. But if you want a balance of power and mileage consider Ntorq 125.

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    Chhanhima | 8 months ago

    The Aprilia is a good scooter in a 150 guise but I dont know much about the 125.Its a sporty scooter and very fun to ride, but in terms of practicality it loses out on the ntorq.The ntorq has more underseat storage and much2 more features then the aprilia.The storage space is nothing to talk about and ride is not very comfortable either.If youre a guy who loves racing and nothing else the aprilia is for you,but other then that the ntorq is better in everything else.

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    Sandipan | 1 year ago

    The one point that everyone misses is the the way the tvs ntorq is built which looks edgy but due to which there are a lot of screws and joint which tends to loose very quickly there is also rusting issues with the scooter .... dont believe me jst check out any ntorq on the road or near to you

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    Anish | 10 months ago

    If you want a scooter which you will use daily and you generally have a pillion onboard then NTORQ is best choice. But if you want only performance and mileage is not of your concern then aprilia sr150 will be your choice. P.S- aprilia sr 150 has way more less mileage as that of NTORQ!!!

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    Lucky | 2 months ago

    Surely ntorq because its value for money .if you want a aprilia then go for 150 which is significantly better if we compare price difference and features

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    Saurabh | 10 months ago

    I had TVS Ntorq. The reason i didn't bought SR150 because : - 1) Pillion comfort is less in SR150. 2) Leg room infront of the scooter is lower than Ntorq. 3) Underseat space is less than Ntorq. 4) Price of SR150 is higher than Ntorq. 5) Ntorq have lot of features are attracted me.

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    RAHUL | 2 months ago


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    Abdul | 3 months ago

    Better u buy aprilia. it is the best. ntorq is also good but it has a fiber body. If there's a small accident the body will break. better u buy scooters like aprilia or access or activa.

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    Mohd | 10 months ago

    Aprilla is more of a sporty type of vehicle whereas ntorq is like eveeything combined...ntorq also has the better looks i think...in my opinion ntorq is better

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