Mahindra Thar vs XUV300 | Has the monster been tamed?

The Thar has always appealed to our sense of adventure and indulgence but honestly was a bit of a selfish pleasure. And apparently from a small group of people who have the financial ability or the genuine need of a rugged 4x4, all it remains, for the majority of us, is a pipe dream. The new Thar aims to bridge the gap between dreams and reality by making the new Thar more blendable into everyday life. So we set it up against a complete all-rounder from their own stables to see just how true this claim is. We love bringing you stories like this. They're fun to make and from some of the comments it seems you find them engaging too. But as much fun as we're having, it wouldn't be worth it if you feel something is missing. Do let us know in the comments section if this is working, what more you'd like to see, and what other cars you'd like to see us feature like this. And please help us out by subscribing to our channel by clicking the button above or on this link:​​ . It helps us bring more exciting motoring content to you as always. #MahindraThar #MahindraXUV300 #ZigWheels
  • by Alan Richard
  • February 6, 2021
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