Harley-Davidson Fatboy Special and Softail Heritage : First Ride

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  • July 2, 2013 18:11 IST
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Harley-Davidson have just made their CKD line up in India even more exciting with the inclusion of the Fat Boy and the Heritage Softail Classic. We take the big boys out for a spin!


Harley-Davidson Fatboy Special and Softail Heritage in action



Phat Boy!

Talk about the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and the mind immediately takes you a couple of decades back when The Terminator 2 movie came out. Schwarzenegger was either trying to destroy the future or save it as the unstoppable T-800 cyborg. His high-speed rescue of young John Connor while steering his Fat Boy with one hand and doing one-handed shotgun pumps with the other was the ultimate in movie macho. I was simply overawed by what a big Harley could do in the right hands. So when the time came, I immediately straddled the Fat Boy leaving Arun with no choice but to take the Heritage Softail Classic.



Harley-Davidson Fatboy Special and Softail Heritage static shot



Back to the Fat Boy, India gets both versions, the standard and the Special with the latter sporting a new reduced reach handlebar, a lower narrower seat shape and a matte black and aluminium finish instead of chrome and boy was I glad about getting the special.  It looks simply fantastic and the absence of chrome makes it look even meaner. The bike turns heads wherever it goes with fat tires, fat bars, a fat fender and a big, powerful, black powder-coated, counter-balanced Twin Cam 103B engine.




Harley-Davidson Fatboy Special and Softail Heritage in action



The nostalgic style isn't just about the confident stance, chrome and old-school detail but about how you look riding it. It’s about the feel. With its classic, relaxed riding position, you're not just cruising. You're in charge - kicked back on a throne of machined metal surveying your domain. As far as Harleys go, the Fat Boy is a living legend - and it's no wonder Arnold Schwarzenegger chose one in ''The Terminator 2.'' The big tank, 200mm rear tire, shotgun-style tailpipes, beefy front fork, and gorgeous bullet-hole wheels are just some of the styling elements that highlight this much aptly named two-wheeler. 


Powering the Fat Boy is a 1,690cc pushrod V-twin and 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission (a little ''6'' digit lights up on the instrument panel when the sixth gear is engaged). The double-lever heel and toe-style gear shifter makes shifting easy, while the massive torque shoots you forward with a bang. Devoid of heavy fairings and saddlebags, the Fat Boy proves more nimble and responsive than its siblings.



The Fatboy Special had the optional Screamin Eagle air-filter & exhaust system



With 132 Nm at just 3,250 rpm, you can easily get away from most tough spots while enjoying a sweet exhaust note. In fact our bike equipped with the aftermarket Screamin Eagle exhaust simply thundered down the road with the traffic ahead paving the way for the bike. Performance is there for the taking and overtaking those never ending trailers on the highways becomes a passing blur. Acceleration is relentless in any of the six gears and not being careful will see the bike power-sliding its way from starts.


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