Hyundai i-oniq concept car set for Geneva debut

Hyundai has revealed an image of its new futuristic concept car, the i-oniq that will debut at the forthcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai i-oniq concept

Hyundai has realised that following the recent and more realistic trend of using an internal combustion engine as a range extender for electric cars is the way to go. They have, therefore, come up with a car of their own, designed to convey the forward thinking approach of Hyundai. 

The car in question is called the Hyundai i-oniq. An electric sports hatchback concept with a range extending petrol engine. The i-oniq concept car wears the fluidic design concept that has become the Korean car maker’s family design language. Hyundai intends to convey the latest thinking of its engineers and showcase their new powertrain technology through the i-oniq concept car. 

The Hyundai i-oniq concept is 4.4 metres long and is designed to seat four people. The driver- oriented cabin includes high-tech equipment featuring futuristic consumer electronics technology along with contemporary controls and driver interface. 

Under the hood, the i-oniq concept comes with a lithium ion electric motor that generates 109PS of power and has a range of 120km. The concept also has a 1.0 litre, three cylinder petrol engine that is mated via a gearbox to the electric motor. The petrol engine gives the i-oniq a range of 700km. 

Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, Allan Rushforth, commented, “The i-oniq concept has been created to reflect the new thinking that runs through the Hyundai brand.  It has a bold design, inside and out, that provokes contemplation on the future of automotive possibilities, and a powertrain that highlights one of the ways in which we could power future products – wrapped in a package that exudes premium qualities.”

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