• Q. Between Verna and VW Vento, which will be best to buy a car for my family?

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    Shatajyoti | 6 months ago

    Honestly Vento's is a out & out drivers car. It has impeccable outer & interior build quality. Everything is build to last, precision handling, great steering feedback and a good diesel engine. That is where good things ends. Now coming down to the minuses it is quite old by todays standards in terms of looks and the platform it is based on.Putting it in simple words, it has been phased out long back from all other markets!! It Lacks space, luxury, features etc etc. Frankly list is long. This where Verna trumps Vento!! Simply it is the best C-segment car hands down. It might not be master of everything but certainly a very good jack of all trades.

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    Sabyasachi | 4 months ago

    City and Verna having CVT it's somewhat same technology of heartless scooty. However Vento is having latest German technology true automatic DSG (dual shift gears) based. Driving only in city will be comfortable on City and Verna. These are light vehicle and some what easy to maneuver. However if you are planning to drive long outside the city often, then Vento will be right choice as it is heavy, sturdy and much safer than other two makes.If you are Pro on technology but Vento but if you need to sell car often and need to get a good resale value then go for City and Verna. After sales services of Vento will be less average than other two.

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    B | 2 months ago

    If you want performance and reliability then definitely you have to go with VW vento.. but if you want less maintenance ,Look,Features, Performance only in acceleration(0-80)and the resale then you have to go with hyundai verna.

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    Krishnanandh | 4 months ago

    Both are good cars for a family use. However you get two different packages. Verna is a much more modern looking and offers lot of features. Vento has released a facelifted variant which looks decent. However I personally think the build quality of VWs are pretty good. German cars are offer good quality cars with good ride comfort. Both if them are good cars and in the end it comes to personal preference

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    Vish | 4 months ago

    Buy vento.... safety's first and thats where vento rises up higher than verna...and talking about build quality..no doubt its vento that wins...though nterior might look not so fresh bit classic..the material quality and built is great.. performance wise..vento can reach a top speed of 186km/hr and o to 100 in less than 11.5 seconds

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    Krishnanandh | 1 month ago

    Both cars are good. Considering safety and quality VW would be a better choice. Verna has a more powerful engine but the Vento doesn't fall back either.

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    Razick | 10 months ago

    Definitely Hyundai verna.Because:Low maintenance., Service centers chain, Hyundai's Guine parts vaialble for longer than Vento usually, Better engine with 5 years of warrenty so no hectic. Etc... So Verna is better. Hope. It helps.

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    Vishweshwaryya | 9 months ago

    If u want a class then its Vento, if u want a good resale value then its verna, I don't think service cost could make a lot of difference. Please watch the crash test, u cannot get the safety feeling in verna like verna.

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    Viren | 9 months ago

    Go for Verna. It has better power, features, maintenance costs(I think). I have owned a Vento for last 7 yrs. I don't advise anyone to buy it due to poor suspension, poor quality plastics & expensive maintenance.

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    Abhinav | 10 months ago

    A difficult question to answer. Both good cars. vento may get slight edge as it's maintenance cost may be lower as servicing done at 15k km compared to Verna's at 10k km.

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