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  • 3.0

    For an 800cc car, this is a very good performer. However the mileage has taken quite a huge setback at about 11-12 kmpl. There is no RPM-meter which makes it tricky to get optimal performance. However the small size as well as the radical styling of this car is stupendous. Driving in small lanes is a breeze even when there is a huge truck coming towards you. For people living in rented places with no parking, this car is so easy to park in any corner of the building, road, etc. Parking at roadsides when making purchases and other daily activities make this an excellent daily car.It is unfortunate that Hyundai exited this segment, as well as never promoted this car as much as the i10/20s. They should've added more safety and security features to this car as well as regular updates.

  • 3.7

    This is my first car and i am very happy with it this car is excellent for daily commute as per the size of the car it is very easy to drive in heavy traffic in city . If i talk about front look this car is getting the signature fluidic design which every Hyundai car gets and it's is very easy to do some modifications with looks from the front side . Overall i am using this car since 3 years i never regret that whether i should oft for renault kwid Hyundai Eon engine is more superior than renault kwid (800cc) Interior design is also appealing to me if anyone think of buying used eon i am definitely going to recommend

  • 4.0

    Probably still the best looker in it's segment, with amazing interior fit and finish and those floating curves of fluidic design coupled with a 1000cc kappa motor with a tad throaty engine note than maruti makes me smile and it is still doing it. The best part is when people see my car and ask when did you buy and i say 3 years back, the give me a look filled with surprise as it still looks pretty neat and stylish - quality plus love!

  • 3.7

    Eon is a small family car and value for money. Driving experience is very good on highways but not a good car for Indian kaccha roads. It creates lot of suspension noise inside the cabin while driving on kaccha roads. The engine is very silent but when fully boarded with 5 seats it don't provide sufficient power to pull the car even after shifting to lower gears. Sometimes engine don't take the load after gear shift..

  • 4.0

    it's 814 cc engine is more punchy than 998cc engine of my wagon R. more comfortable very good breaking interior feeling like 7 lac segment car. low ground clearance gives very good driving pleasure. 2 times on the speed of approximately 80km hr accidentally took you turn and car slipped to you turn. lowered ground clearance helped me to slide like you turn without accident.thanks Hyundai.

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