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Rs. 90,145
Discontinued Model since 31 Mar 2020

About Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

RE's attempt at making a laid back cruiser. It works well, but could do with a better seat design.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Overview

Royal Enfield has decided to pass on the GST tax benefits to its customers. As part of the new GST tax structure, prices for the bike has reduced between Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,300 depending on the state of purchase.

The new Thunderbird comes with all the bells and whistles one could possibly ask from Royal Enfield. The shapely 20-litre fuel tank, the information-loaded twin pod cluster, the mini ape-hanger handlebar- not only look cool, but are also purposeful. Another useful feature is the hazard lamp function. The bike also comes with both front and rear discs as standard. When it comes to value for money and features, the Thunderbird is hard to beat.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Thunderbird 350

Q. Is there will be another model of Meteor As replacement of Classic Thunderbird 350?
  • It would be too early to give any verdict as there is no official update from the brand's end. Stay tuned for further updates.
Q. For long Drive Which one is good JAWA or Royal Enfield Thunderbird?
  • Thats true, Jawa is a city bike with a contradictory gear box, i.e., seating posture is for the city, but gear box is for the highway. Also Jawa's pickup had no competition in those earlier days, but now things are different, with plenty of options. Young boys maturing to ride bikes will prefer sporty bikes. Jawa will be preferred by more mature men starting from around their 30s, and by that time men will be family men and for them a short seat like that in Jawa will not serve their family purposes. So most men who are Jawa enthusiasts will have to drop their enthusiasm for Jawa and opt for other options. Lack of tubeless tyre options will also deter many from opting a Jawa. If Classic Legends do not take these into consideration, then Jawa might have a bleak future.
  • Hello Daniel, both bikes are very capable and very retro in their looks. The Jawa however has an edge in the performance department. If you are looking for leasurely cruising then the Thunderbird will suffice. However if you need a higher speed and the benefit of a sixth gear to cruise at higher speeds, yet at lower rpm, then it has to be the Jawa. Why don't you take a test drive of both and then decide.
  • Thunderbird is best one. Jawa is a city bike not a tourer
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Q. Are you sure that Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 will discontinue in New BSVI version?
  • Meteor 350 replace s Thunderbird 350 as new model..in BS6 version..so no more Thunderbird 350 in BS6 version
  • Yes
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Q. Which one is better between Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Thunderbird 350?
  • Let's compare few aspects of the two bikes.Pricing considering the prices, tb is costlier then classic at same cc. This gives an idea that RE consider or spend on tb more thn classic. The quality of material used in the tb is costlier then classic.Engine i have been told by everyone that the engine of both the machines are same. They offer same power and they don't have nay difference. Personally, i found tb engine different then classic. Where people have always been complaining about flase neutral gear in tb, never heard a serious problem in classic.Posture considering tb as a cruiser will be wrong. It is also a commuter with high handlebars. People have suggested that the posture of tb is better then as compare to classic. I have found no problem riding both the bikes. People buy classic and change the handle bar to a longer handle bar and get the same comfortable posture as per your requirement. However, i have also heard a lot of people complaining back problem. Personally didn't found any such problem. Rode continuously around for 150-200km (Mumbai to pune with small 2-3 tea breaks) on tb, didn't found such problem.Handling i found classic to be more comfortable in city or on turning thn tb. The tb has smaller radius as per company, so it should not give any trouble in the city as well. Don't take me wrong, but I m not saying that tb has problems in the city, it is just less fun.Weight tb is heavier thn classic by 10kgs. Yea, but i don't think it will make any big difference. Considering classic is 185kg ans tb is 195 kg, both the bikes are heavy. It shouldn't be a deciding factor.The plus points in tb the semi electronic system on tb is very helpful. For eg. The petrol indicator, the rpm indicaor, trip meter etc. The tb has so called projector lights, which are not sufficient but still better thn the one provided in classic. The rear disc breaks are not sufficient but better then classic.So which one to go for? I will give you a very practical advice. Now a days you get the bikes on rent around 1000-1500 per day. Plan a short trips like 100-150kms. Take tb on rent for one weekend and classic on another weekend. Understand the logic for above said things. Check what are you comfortable with. Investing in bike is a big decision .
  • The RE Classic is a retro-street bike whereas the Thunderbird is a cruiser machine. The Classic 350 is apt for budget-conscious riders who want a distinct old-school pizzaz in their motorcycle. However, if you crave for more torque and are not worried about the relatively higher fuel bills than the 350, go for the Classic 500 instead. It also offers the advantage of fuel injection, which helps in providing crisper throttle response and easier cold-starts. On the other hand, the Thunderbird family is arguably one of the most feature-laden motorcycles from the British brand. Both the 350cc and 500cc variants feature dual trip meters with average speed readout, digital fuel gauge, a generous 20-litre fuel tank, projector headlamp with LED DRL, and relaxed ergonomics. Though the Thunderbird 350 feels short on power on the highways, it is still a good choice for enthusiasts who love to go on long rides. Click on the link to compare these two siblings: https://bit.ly/2jK42ji Ultimately, it boils down to your requirements. Do take a test ride in order to judge your riding comfort.
  • If you think for touring purpose definitely Thunderbird 350 or you are daily commuter and covered more than 100km.Classic have their strong existence in market due to old school look. Truly appreciate the Royal Enfield to build classic but if you ride more than 100km on highway, you must have strong spinal system, as after riding you feel back pain due to double spring system on seat as well as bike. when you ride more than at the speed of 80km/hrs, seat continue vibrates and may impact your nervous system. Thunderbird 350 less appearance in the market but truly riding experience much higher than the other Royal Enfield bike. You can enjoy your weekend riding as well as daily commute with this beast, less vibration than classic 350, seating posture also very good that means you never tiered, if you ride more than 100km.Comparison to engine: both having same engine bit change in rpm settings for pickup.
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Q. Which is good to buy between Thunderbird 350X and Thunderbird 350
  • Definitely Thunderbird 350. Both bikes are same with jus a few changes such as ABS, tubeless tyres etc. 350 is more retro compared to 350x..esp.the colors. Performance wise both are same.
  • 350 & 350x both are better in their way...if you take 350 its not alloy, not ABS which is in offering from RE for 350x350 has more comfortable seat arrangement, not in 350x, & having some issue with fuel supplies, saw leakage in one of my friends' bikesoo i would rather suggest go for RE Thunderbird 350 with ABS obviously
  • None....but if you want to buy between the two... I would suggest the good old thunderbird....I have sold my thunderbird x within one year as I was having just too many problems with the bike
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Q. Which bike is the best for long rides?
  • As per my opinion , RE bikes are good in order of their quality and riding comfort. I recent drove my RE TB 350 for 300 KM long drive to Trichy and back to Bangalore . After riding around 150 KMs , my left shoulder started hurting me and due to this , I couldn’t turn my head to right , if turn so , my shoulder hurts more than normal .So I have decided from then . Not to go long ride which is more than 150KMs. It remain hurts for few days after the ride finished . It’s my opinion . It may be due to my height . I am 6 ft tall .
  • All cruiser type bikes are good for long rides. its rifing position is comfortable, is one of the main reason. if you're comfortable with all kind of riding position, you can choose a bike according to your taste & need , ofcourse the budget ..
  • There are ample of options available i.e. Royal Enfield Classic 350, Suzuki Intruder, Bajaj Dominar 400, Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220, Royal Enfield Himalayan etc. Click on the given link to explore all available options: Choosing one will depend on several factors like budget, brand preference, specific feature requirements etc. Please drop down your requirements so that we can assist you further.
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  • 4.6

    Daily commute- Comfortable,Easy to maneuver, good turning radius, All goodies are packed inside even for daily commuteTouring-Tank range is huge as it has 21litres fuel tank.Engine doesn"t heat up,can tour all day long widout any issues.Great provision for saddle just pull out a cable remove pillion seat and you are ready to go.Pillion seat comfort is kind of good.Only issue is the seat which bit hardPerformance-Well it"s a air cooled,long stroke,cruiser. Cruiser has a good midrange and this bike has it. Take a corner and it will surprise you until you are scraping footpegs all over. Vibration will start creeping at speeds over 90 kmph but if you opt for semi synthetic oil or synthetic man it makes a hell lot of difference.Maintenance-Easy on pocket,You have to replace speedometer bracket atleast once.Fuel gauge is just for decorative purpose never depend on it.Suggestions-Try Semi-synthetic, Synthetic oils, never push it for offroading

  • 5.0

    FloksI had been riding this bike since I purchased and it"s good for longer trip especially to the hills, I always enjoy going on this for longer trips and main advantage of this bike is its sitting posture which will reduce your back pain comparing other bikes.It"s extra large fuel tank will give you 650 to 700 kms continuous ride without refueling. Its weight of 190 kgs will give you firm grip even if you will exceed above 100 speed only thing is you have to modify your handle bar a little bit to reduce the vibration but I am ok with it I want to feel like I am riding on a wild bull and make sure your bike is maintained well every 3 months interval. Always know this every bike has pros & cons ,my suggestions to TB 350 Lovers please don"t get carried away by few negative feeds.It"s totally upon you how you will deal with this machine and see how it will respond.Every bike is made for their own purposes and TB-350 is Cruising Bike and definitely it"s not made for sporting.

  • 2.2

    bike is nice for a nostalgic value, performance wise its not up there, too heavy and breaking isn't great even with the disk breaks. acceleration and mileage both take a hit due to its weight. The bike is not comfortable at all for long trips with its sitting and leg positions. Its definitely not a cruiser. It gives bad back pains during long rides. Most frustrating with it is the engine noise. even after being so expensive , the engine noise makes it less appealing. And also less refined.

  • 4.2

    Very good bike looks great handles well. I am using it for more than 2yrs and i am getting a mileage of135km/l. It is a bit heavy at city but you will really enjoy on the higjways. Bt the only problem is that after1crossing 80 the bike vibrates a lot and it doest want to go after 110km/h. My top speed is 120km/h. If you want to cruise at 60 70 speeds thunderbird is definitely for you

  • 4.6

    I purchased my dream bike, "thunderbird 350" on September 2018.I have already crossed 8000 kmtrs in this past 4 months.My experience with the thunderbird 350 is quiet pleasant.The only issue is with the service.See, if anything is happening, you may have to go to the service center for morethan 4 times to get the issue sorted.The service is too bad.

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