Harley-Davidson Celebrates Father’s Day In Style

Harley-Davidson organised a special breakfast run for owners and their children to celebrate Father’s Day in Mumbai

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Harley-Davidson India




For us bikers, one of the earliest memory of a motorcycle would most certainly be that of going out on a ride with our fathers. I still fondly remember sitting on the fuel tank as my dad rode the bike on the highway. The feeling was no less than going on a roller coaster ride. I am sure, for many like me, it might have been your father who taught you to ride a motorcycle. In fact, he was the first motorcycle guru of our lives. Harley-Davidson India helped reminisce all those memories by organising a special ride to celebrate Father’s Day.




Harley-Davidson India




The American bikemaker organised a special ride for Harley owners in Mumbai by asking them to bring their kids along for a special breakfast ride. The event was organised by Seven Islands Harley-Davidson Chapter. Harley owners rode with their kids to Hotel Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre, Powai for breakfast. More than 50 Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members turned up for the ride with their children and took a walk down memory lane to celebrate Father’s Day. Another highlight was the fact that family members of owners also attended the breakfast and young kids seemed to enjoy the special celebration thoroughly. 


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