Bajaj Avenger 180 Street: First Ride Review

  • by Nabeel Khan
  • March 10, 2018
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The new Avenger 180 is sort of life coming full circle for the Avenger lineup. One of the earliest cruiser motorcycles to be launched in India, the first ever Bajaj Avenger came with a displacement of 180cc. We did have the Bajaj Eliminator before that, but then the Avenger was an all-Indian effort. It did make way for larger 200 and then 220cc updates, the latter of which spawned the Street and Cruise series, and more recently, a smaller 150cc version too. Now though, the Avenger 180 replaces the 150. Why, you ask. Bajaj says there is no substitute for displacement. A larger engine means more power and torque which in turn translates to better city and highway performance. The question, though, is what does it do to value, the prime factor, as this is India’s most affordable cruiser, replacing what was India’s most affordable cruiser to start with.
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