• Q. What is the advatage of an Automatic Transmission to the other one - City?

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    Madhusudhanababu | 6 months ago

    Generally, in City traffic, clutch break and accelerator operation becomes painful. In this case automatic transmission would be preferred. For people who are not comfortable with shifting gears and don't know right gear for specific speeds will be happy with auto transmission. If you are in ghat sections and you don't know right gears to use for climbing or descending, it would be dangerous and there cvt works wonderfully.

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    Gopendra | 2 weeks ago

    Buy AMT if driving in traffic city like Delhi Mumbai. But buy manual if there is no traffic or normal traffic in your city. Like cities of Punjab Haryana and South India. AMT is tension free, smooth and relaxing.

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    Kshitij | 2 months ago

    Amt is a very smooth ride specially in traffic and you get saved from the continue 1st gear drive

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    Pranav | 6 months ago

    Those who are not comfortable with shifting gears will be happy with auto transmission.city traffic not easy to use accelerate brake and clutch all the time.

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    Deepak | 6 months ago

    Advantages are more in city driving and heavy traffic. Since there's no clutch u feel less exhausted but personally I like manual driving during long drives

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    Harsh | 6 months ago

    Useful in congested traffic, else manual gives a much better adrenaline rush if you r used to it

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    Shubhankar | 5 months ago

    City ride is tension free and reduces load on ankles....but mileage is low

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    Saumya | 6 months ago

    Saves your leg the pain of holding the clutch in a traffic jam situation

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    Abira | 6 months ago

    Other one

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    Sohan | 6 months ago


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