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As part of your research on purchasing a vehicle from Renault, it is a good practice to compare the price and technical specifications of the model of your choice with rival brand products. We also encourage you to view our photos of the various offerings made by Renault.

Renault Cars in India

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  • Renault Car News

    Renault to open car-less showroom in India

    In a distinct move, the carmaker has decided to open car showroom in the country, but sans cars
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  • Renault Lodgy Stepway to be launched in June

    Following the launch of the Lodgy today, Renault will also introduce a beefier version of its 7-seater MPV in June which will be the top variant of the car
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  • Renault Car Reviews

    Renault Duster AWD 7500km long term review

    After hitting the snowcapped mountains last month, we stretched the Duster’s legs on the plains of UP this month and were equally impressed by its highway munching ability
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  • Renault Lodgy India Review

    Seven seats. Luggage space. Efficient engine. And a sturdy MPV. That's what Renault says its Lodgy is. We put these claims to the test. For more Renault Lodgy pictures, specifications and price visit
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  • Renault Car Gallery

    Renault Captur "India Version"

    Renault Captur "India Version", finished in Indian tri-colour for the 'Inter-Country Battle' contest on Renault's international page on facebook
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  • 2012 Renault Concept - Monaco

    2012 Renault Concept - Monaco
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