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Meherzaad Wykes
Meherzaad Wykes 4.7 8 Mar 2020

The Family car of my house . dad gifted this car to my mom on 22/09/19 after her grand i10 drowned in floods in baroda and went in total loss and she generally uses it in the city and i use it occasionally to college (50kms both up and down) and this is the best compact SUV in india . Take anything its the best - highest water wading capacity (REQUIRED in baroda 😂) , looks , power , SAFETY , features are not too tacky but all available are useful in daily times , mileage , ground clearance, We recently took our Fordy out in the diwali from baroda - ajmer - jaipur for 5 days and 2400 kms we just had to refuel (full tank ) it just twice for 3200 rs each. first full tank from baroda on the first day and the second one while leaving from Jaipur and we came back home in half tank pending . means 4800 was the fuel price for this trip gave us close to 22-23 KMPL. Totally worth it . i planned to buy a venue for me now this Feb'20 but why would i if i have uska baap at home ❤ ?

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 20 kmpl
Narasimha Prasad
Narasimha Pr.. 4.7 20 Jan 2020

I bought titanium plus automatic model.I was very impressed with the safety features but was worried about the mileage part, as almost all reviews said , poor mileage.. around 8 km in city drive and about 10-11 km on highway.. since my usage was limited , took the risk and bought it. Now. I am pleasently surprised to note that the mileage I am getting is much higher. In city bumper to bumper traffic with AC on, I am getting around 10 , and with moderate city traffic the mileage is around 11-12. However on highway I got 15 km with AC on.. which is very good considering it is an automatic transmission. I have driven about 2000 km and keeping the RPM around 2000-2500, as it is still engine run in phase. It depends on the driving pattern as well and I switch off the engine if the wait for green signal is more than 60 second, probably it helps.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Thiruchenudr Murugan
Thiruchenudr.. 3.0 15 Aug 2019

I buyed Ford ecosport trend plus diesel on 2016, still my car 15 kmpl, When In buying periods I saw reviews people wrote same mileage issue but I neglected that review but now I facing mileage issues. If anybody like to buy Ford ecosport better to buy top model only please don't buy mid and low model due to breaking system (top model they using disk brake, low and mid range they use other break systems

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Nikhil Mittal
Nikhil Mittal 2.7 6 Sep 2019

The Ecopsort Titanium Petrol is a complete disappointment.Pros: Good Handling, Good Cabin FeaturesCons: Very Poor Mileage (offers only 8kmpl in intra-city travel and 10kmpl on highway), Poor Cabin space (car is for 4 adults and not 5), Poor Dealer"s competency in resolving issues, Average Comfort and Performance Too Pricey, Less in cabin space, mileage drasticall poor offers only 8 KPMG

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 8 kmpl
Bobby Mani
Bobby Mani 4.0 19 Mar 2020

DyThe vehicle is oK. But in lower. ROM THE power is very low. Another problem is design, they put vipper spray motor just behind the left fog light. Which is mounted on bumbe, the company deny warranty of the washer motor if there is any scratch on the bumber. On a vehicle of this size don't they find any place to mound the mirror anywhere other than this vulnerable spot.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 16 kmpl
Mohammed Faizaan
Mohammed Fai.. 4.7 4 Dec 2019

This car is called as an SUV but its major problem is tiers losses its grip in mud roads during rainy season due to the torque, and front wheel drive. Safety at it best. best in class, comfort, design. this car is better than other in this segment. TATA NEXON is little bit better in built quality. No issues while driving, no issues with service .

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 19 kmpl
Prashanth Kamasamudram
Prashanth Ka.. 4.7 13 Dec 2019

Its our first car, yet its the best we ever experienced, We use to take cars for rent but the comfort we had in Ford Ecorsport, especially in long drives is exceptional. We never had tiered feeling even after traveling for 1000 Km. Its AC is superb. Pickup and control too are really good.

Uses this car for : Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Mario Dominic
Mario Dominic 5.0 28 Feb 2020

The best decision I ever made in my life... The best in class... The best in safety... Build quality is amazing! The metal used is very strong and no other competition can deliver such good quality.... Just give a test drive... Ull know what I mean!

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 20 kmpl
Shobitro Chatterjee
Shobitro Cha.. 2.0 16 Feb 2020

Ford bought only one good model to India that is Ford Mustang, the best and cheapest of all sports cars sold in India. Ford should also bring Mustang Mach e and Mustang GT models to India. Then there can be a good choice of buying high end models.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Yash Malik
Yash Malik 3.0 9 Mar 2020

there is no provision for lock the car if we lock the car inside and open the door it will be unlocked and a child is inside the car and open a door it can be dangerous i mean to say it will be unlocked without any option

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 12 kmpl
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