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  • Stay safe during downpours and thunderstorms

    by Inputs : Michelin on August 27, 2013 18:03 IST
    The onset of rain brings joy and comfort from the scorching heat; you wake up to the sound of raindrops on your windowpane. A long drive is on your mind, your bags are packed and you are ready to...  Read More..
  • Tips to prepare for Road Trips

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on March 13, 2013 14:00 IST
    There is nothing like packing a few things and hitting the road in your car and just leaving the hustle-bustle of city life behind for a few days. Of course, spending long hours driving getting away...  Read More..
  • Tips for women drivers to stay safe on road

    by Team ZigWheels Image Courtesy: Reuters & ThinkStock on December 31, 2012 22:18 IST
    Safety and security have become a major issue for women on the move. We put together a few pointers for lady drivers to stay safe while driving  Read More..
  • Tips for Long Distance Driving

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on September 1, 2012 21:41 IST
    Most of us who buy cars want to go on long drives in them, though we might not always get the chance to do so. Here are a few tips to help you when you go road trippin'  Read More..
  • How to sit in a car

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on August 22, 2012 20:00 IST
    For any of a car's safety features such as airbags and seat belts to work how they should and save lives, it is vital that the occupants be seated properly as well. The right seating posture...  Read More..
  • How to Parallel Park

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on July 16, 2012 21:46 IST
    For those of us who still struggle with parallel parking, here's a ready reckoner for you to polish this most critical of skills behind the wheel  Read More..
  • Highway driving tips

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on June 7, 2012 20:00 IST
    Highway driving is a fairly common occurance for a lot of us who drive cars. But the rules that apply behind the wheel when one is rnon the highway differ vastly from when one is on crowded city...  Read More..
  • Tips for getting good mileage

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on May 30, 2012 21:47 IST
    With petrol prices through the roof, everyone wants to chuck their petrol car and get a diesel. But more often than not, it is how you drive, rather than what you drive, which determines how much...  Read More..
  • Safe and fun driving on mountain roads

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on May 30, 2012 21:08 IST
    Driving on twisty mountain roads can be quite a fun activity, if you take some basic safety measures. Here are a few tips which should help you enjoy this activity and keep you safe as well  Read More..
  • Tips for driving in city traffic

    by Priyadarshan Bawikar on May 22, 2012 15:48 IST
    Driving on crowded city roads might be slow, but is still rather dangerous and let's not forget, rather tedious. Here are a few tips to make driving through city traffic a little safer and easier  Read More..
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