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Volkswagen India is part of the Volkswagen group headquartered in Germany and established in 2007 to build cars in the Indian market for domestic consumption. While this was true initially, VW also ex ...Read More

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  • Volkswagen Car News

    • Volkswagen Polo deliveries stopped due to faulty handbrake part

      by Team Zigwheels on October 9, 2015 12:32 IST
      A batch of handbrake cable retention levers fitted to 389 units of the Polo produced in September 2015 could break under certain conditions, says Volkswagen
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    • Volkswagen Polo deliveries in India ‘temporarily on hold’

      by Anand Mohan on October 8, 2015 9:21 IST
      The company says it is due to a technical reason which is currently under investigation but the reason is not related to the ongoing EA189 diesel engine emissions cheating issue
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    • VW board suspends R&D heads of core brand, Audi, Porsche

      by Team ZigWheels on September 30, 2015 1:36 IST
      The carmaker has suspended the R&D chiefs of its core luxury division Audi and sportscar divison Porsche following the emission scandal, according to reports
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    • Germany gives deadline to Volkswagen on meeting pollution standards

      by Punam Chavan on September 30, 2015 1:36 IST
      The German authorities have set October 7, 2015 as the deadline for Volkswagen to bring all its cars in line with the national pollution guidelines
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  • Volkswagen Car Reviews

    • 2015 Volkswagen Vento R Racecar First Drive Review

      by Cyrus Dhabhar on July 10, 2015 15:26 IST
      We spend a day with the new 2015 Volkswagen Vento R racecar at the legendary Kari Motor Speedway. Does the new car compare to the older Polo R racecars? Read on to find out more.
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    • 2015 Volkswagen Vento facelift: Review

      by Sarmad Kadiri, Photography: Kapil Angane on May 21, 2015 15:21 IST
      There are a few cars that feel as secure to drive as the Vento in its segment, and now with the 2015 Volkswagen Vento facelift the company hopes to make it an even more appealing package.
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    • New 2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift India Review

      by Sarmad Kadiri Photography: Eshan Shetty on February 16, 2015 10:24 IST
      The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta gets a cosmetic makeover. And since there is no change in the technical details, the executive sedan retains its fun-to-drive nature. Get latest news, reviews for upcoming Volkswagen Cars in India at
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    • Volkswagen Vento 1.5 DSG Review

      by Ravi Ved Photography: Eshan Shetty on December 23, 2014 11:28 IST
      With the efficiency of a diesel and the convenience of an automatic does the Volkswagen Vento 1.5 DSG have all it takes to make an impression on the sales charts?
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  • Volkswagen Car Gallery

    • Frankfurt 2015: New Volkswagen Tiguan SUV Photo Gallery

      by Arun Mohan Nadar on September 16, 2015 6:49 IST
      The second generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV made its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The VW SUV will be launched in India next year and will be locally assembled at its Chakan manufacturing facility
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    • 2015 Volkswagen Vento ZigWheels WalkAround Video

      by Team ZigWheels on May 21, 2015 14:29 IST
      Following the minor facelift last year, Volkswagen has now given its popular c-segment sedan another update. Find out what's new in the following walkaround video
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