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Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Hyundai i20 vs Maruti Swift DZire : Comparison

Confused in making a choice between an entry-level sedan and a premium hatchback? How about something in the middle? Mahindra has chopped its Verito sedan to under 4 metres to offer another viable option. We pit the new Verito Vibe against contenders from two different segments to see if it can prove to be a middle ground!





Making a choice is not an easy process. It’s even more difficult when it comes to cars, especially in India. Not only does it have to fulfill your basic needs, it also has to be one up on its nearest competition. Until now, the confusion was confined only to its respective segments but Mahindra has just thrown open a Pandora’s box with its latest offering, the Mahindra Verito Vibe, which slots itself bang in between hatchbacks and entry-level sedans. And this isn’t the first time Mahindra has accomplished something like this with the Quanto straddling more than one segment too. While it may be easy to dismiss the Verito Vibe as just a shortened Verito, there is a lot more to the Vibe than meets the eye. So we took two bestsellers from their respective segments – the Hyundai i20 CRDI representing the hatchbacks and the Maruti Swift DZire diesel standing in for the entry-level sedans – and pitted it straight up against Mahindra’s latest segment straddler.


Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Maruti Swift DZire vs Hyundai i20 verdict


Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Now the Swift DZire and the Hyundai i20 have been around for quite some time and well accepted by the Indian market. The Verito, which was the Logan before, did not really grab too much attention through its design but then it had other attributes which got it going. Mahindra, after acquiring the Logan, has done a little more than just re-christening the car. The current Verito has received a lot of nip and tuck both on the inside and outside to make it more up-market and that has really worked well in the Verito’s favour. The Vibe, too, seen head on looks similar to the sedan with that very distinctive boxy front. Where the Verito ends and the Vibe begins is in fact from the C-pillar rearwards. The rear windscreen slopes back heavily and is flanked on either side by two vertically stacked tail lamps. The details are what are most impressive and that is evident in each element of that tail lamp cluster as well – right from the high-mounted indicators to the brake lights.



Swift Dzire vs Hyundai i20 vs Verito Vibe rear styling


While the details come out as pretty impressive, the design as a whole for some reason does not strike the right chord. The rear looks fantastic but somehow it does not gel perfectly with that boxy front and that slightly old-school silhouette. And this comes to the fore especially when the Vibe is placed alongside the DZire and the i20. Now the DZire ain’t no beauty queen itself, but then the design comes across more as quirky or radical rather than old wine in a new, slightly redesigned bottle. In fact, it’s the Hyundai which comes across as the most handsome car of this lot. Lots of cuts and creases along with that fluidic design theme, the i20 has the looks department covered. But design and looks can be subjective and just like the looks of the DZire have grown on us overtime, the Vibe’s looks could too, but then it’s definitely about time that the Verito undergo a major redesign.

by abhishek nigam , Photography : kunal khadse Posted on July 5, 2013 20:09 IST Views: 168556