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Honda Amaze diesel vs Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire diesel : Comparison

Honda has finally gone the diesel way and the Amaze is the big H's first ever oil burning offering. While the Amaze promises to bring a lot on the table, is it enough to knock the reigning king, the Maruti Swift DZire off its throne? We pit both the cars together to give you the details





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Over the years we come across a lot of revolutionary things that change our lives. It might be something as simple as a video cassette recorder that came about in the ‘50s or something as important as the cellphone which came into existence in the ‘70s. Each of these things have not only brought in new technology but also the very important convenience factor to the table. When talking about cars, Maruti Suzuki has had its fair share of success when it comes to revolution on four wheels.


The humble Maruti 800 literally put India on wheels and since then Maruti Suzuki has struck just the right chord with Indian buyers with a string of success stories. Off late, however, Maruti Suzuki struck gold once again with the launch of the Swift hatchback and the DZire sedan offering fun, practicality and efficiency at just the right price. Now in their second avatars, both the cars are still a runaway success leaving the competition floundering in their wake.






In comparison Honda came in rather late and even though it did not come up with a car for the masses, the City, which was Honda India’s first offering has been the bestselling car in its segment since its inception in ’98. Honda has come a long way since then and arrogantly enough given stiff competition to its rivals even though they did not have a diesel to offer in any segment whatsoever. But off late, rise in petrol costs and a strong surge in diesel car sale and an equally drastic drop in petrol car sales made it a very compelling situation for Honda.


The big H finally had to give in to the market needs and have finally come out with their first ever diesel for the Indian market after 15 years of their existence. But this is no ordinary diesel and if you have gone through our first drive report you will know by now that Honda has gone all out in developing a car that not only meets all the needs of an Indian buyer in that segment but does a lot more.


Honda has always had some of the most brilliant products in its arsenal but this one is more than brilliant, it’s like I mentioned above, revolutionary! As good as a product it may be it’s still up against some very stiff competition, namely the Swift DZire which even after all these years has been at the top of the charts, not just because it’s a Maruti but because it’s a fantastic product overall. So how do these two Japs fair against each other in a no-holds-barred match? Let’s find out…


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