Triumph Tiger 800XC: India Review

The Tiger leaves its trail on the monsoon hit roads and tracks of our country


Triumph Tiger 800XC off-road



I’m taking on a whole new adventure with my side kick – the new Triumph Tiger 800XC. Or is it the other way round? Either ways, the plan is to kick some serious dirt, hit some severe trails and cause splashes while riding through water logged ditches. It’s just another day to office during monsoons.


The name Tiger isn’t new for the iconic British motorcycle manufacturer, but none of the older Triumph Tigers have been as hungry for adventure as the new Triumph Tiger 800XC. And boy does it grab eyeballs. 



Triumph Tiger 800XC front



The 800XC is unlike any other bike plying on the roads. This allows me instant gratification - gives me instant celeb status with its great styling. Our test bike looks lovely in the matt khaki green hue, along with its beak-like front mudguard, dual head lights, and a small wind screen which appears as if the Triumph Tiger is ready to take on any kind of adventure.


by Sarmad Kadiri, Photography: Eshan Shetty Posted on 15 Jul 2014   Views: 26747

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