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Bajaj Discover 125M: Review

Bajaj is looking at strengthening its entry-level motorcycle portfolio as it guns for a higher overall market share in two wheelers. And its latest salvo is the Discover 125M. Here's our review


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The Discover is Bajaj’s mass market brand. And with the launch of the new Discover 125M, it has overhauled every single motorcycle under the Discover umbrella. But, before we talk about the bike itself, let’s look at how Bajaj operates in this segment. In Bajaj’s words, it is using two platforms – the M and the T/ST. The motorcycles based on these platforms might look similar but they supposedly use different steering geometries, different swingarm lengths, and in fact, different seating ergonomics as well. It also currently uses two engines for both platforms – 102cc, single cylinder, 4-valve unit with two spark plugs and a 124.6cc single, again with 4-valves and two spark plugs.



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The 100T, the 125T and the 125ST use the same chassis, the same body panels and the same seating ergonomics, and are focused more towards the mildly enthusiastic commuter. The 100M and now the 125M are more for fuel economy (or M for Mileage). The 125M shares its engine with the 125T and the 125ST, but uses cycle parts – suspension, brakes, swingarm and the chassis - from the 100M. Now, to the 125M in more detail. The first thing that strikes you as odd about the Discover 125M is its ergonomics. It’s a little too cramped.



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The footpegs are a tad too high, the handlebar is positioned too close to the rider and the handlebar is a little too narrow for our liking as well. The footpeg also tends to foul with the rider’s shins when crawling in bumper to bumper traffic with the foot on the ground. The seating position apart, the 125M impresses. It is a fun motorcycle. It is light and reasonably nimble which makes easy work of negotiating through traffic. It also has a very good low speed ride quality. Not once did we feel the need to stand up and ride on the Discover 125M, and not once did its front end bottom out, even though we did go through some really massive potholes. The ride isn’t as exceptional at higher speeds or with a pillion on board, though.


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