Going Mental with Metal at the 2012 AMD World Championship

The 2012 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building winning entry from Thunderbike, Germany is probably the best we've seen in the 9 years that the competition has taken place. Presenting 'PainTTles' versus the rest!


AMD custom bike building world championship winner - PainTTless





Freestyle - 1st

PainTTless - Andreas Bergerforth, Thunderbike (www.thunderbike.de)



Pics: Dirk ‘Pixeleye’ Behlau


Summing this bike up in sheer lack of emotion as a 1984 1000cc Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster engine in a custom frame and bodywork would be cardinal sin because in concocting the perfect marriage between engineering, art and fiction, PainTTless is enough to make Edison, da Vinci and Asimov proud in one go. Truth of the matter is that you can’t really describe this bike in words. You could try, but then you’d notice another magnificent detail and all that talk will just float away. It took 8 months for Andreas Bergerforth and his team at Thunderbike to create this absolute rolling sculpture of speechlessness that is now called ‘PainTTless’ and in doing so, the men from Hamminkeln in Germany also created a big piece of custom bike building history. Not only have they added Germany to a list of winners that has builders from five other countries who’ve won the previous 8 Championships, but they are also the first authorised Harley-Davidson dealer to have taken top honours in the Freestyle class.




AMD custom bike building world championship winner - PainTTless




After spending hours staring at PainTTless and soaking in all the grand attention to detail it just reaffirms the thought that undoubtedly everyone including the judges and fellow competitors had – there could be no other creation that was worthy enough for the World Title this year. Beyond the 998cc Ironhead Sportster engine, the Amal Monoblock carb and the WLA 750 transmission lays a sculptor’s wet dream. Every single part of the motorcycle has been crafted to perfection so much so that even whatever piping and wiring is visible could make it to the hall of fame in an art museum. The weld seams are immaculate and of course the cherry on top of that magnificient meal of metal is what gives this bike its name. There is no paint – what you see is an immaculate gloss finish in polished nickel and it couldn’t get more apt than that because when you have such high detail all the way from the streamlined gas tank to the knurled gear knob and even the smallest springs, why hide it all with a coat of paint!


9th annual AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building : Class Winners!

by Muntaser Mirkar Pics: Dirk 'Pixeleye' Behlau, Onno Wieringa & Frank Sander Posted on October 31, 2012 12:00 IST Views: 10919