BMW Cars

The vehicles offered by BMW are for those who enjoy the finer tastes in life. For enthusiasts and BMW aficionados, photos and technical specifications further fuel the desire to understand and gain more knowledge on their favourite vehicle.

BMW Cars Models in India
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  • BMW 1 Series

    BMW 1 Series

    22.65 to 32.50 lakh
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  • BMW X1

    BMW X1

    33.40 to 33.40 lakh
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  • BMW 3 Series

    BMW 3 Series

    35.90 to 39.90 lakh
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  • BMW 3 Series GT

    BMW 3 Series GT

    44.50 to 44.50 lakh
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  • BMW X3

    BMW X3

    47.90 to 52.90 lakh
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  • BMW 5 Series

    BMW 5 Series

    49.90 to 61.90 lakh
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  • BMW X5

    BMW X5

    68.90 to 75.90 lakh
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  • BMW Z4

    BMW Z4

    74.90 to 75.90 lakh
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  • BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

    BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

    1.03 to 1.03 crore
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  • BMW 7 Series

    BMW 7 Series

    1.07 to 1.73 crore
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  • BMW M3

    BMW M3

    1.20 to 1.20 crore
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  • BMW M4

    BMW M4

    1.22 to 1.22 crore
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  • BMW M5

    BMW M5

    1.40 to 1.40 crore
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  • BMW i8

    BMW i8

    2.29 to 2.29 crore
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Our Coverage on BMW in India

  • BMW Car News

    2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe facelift – launch on May 29

    BMW will launch the facelifted 6 Series Gran Coupe in India this week to compete against the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS Class
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  • BMW 3 Series gets mild facelift, major mechanical updates

    BMW has added new variants to the 3 Series, reworked suspension, brakes and updated the lights
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  • BMW Car Reviews

    BMW M3 and M4 track review

    The two new Ms were our ballistic playmates for the day at the Buddh F1 circuit. Find out if they can be your next trackday cars
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  • 2014 BMW X3 xDrive 20d: Review

    The X3 gets a new 2.0-litre diesel engine, refreshed interior and smart exterior styling. We take it for a spin to find out if this update works
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  • BMW Car Gallery

    2014 BMW X3 Review: Picture Gallery

    The BMW X3 gets a nip and tuck treatment and crucially, comes with a new 2.0-litre twin turbo diesel under the hood. We take it for a spin to see if this update works
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  • 2014 BMW M3 Review: Gallery

    The M3 has entered its fifth generation now. This gen car also marks the end of the coupe and convertible versions of the M3 as model bifurcation has led to the M4 taking on this baton. The M3 will only available as a sedan, but it feels nothing short of a sportscar
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